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The Borgia Betrayal by Sara Poole
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Oct 13, 11

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3.5 stars
I have to preface this by saying I failed to realize this was book 2 in a series but the synopsis grabbed me since I've always had this fascination about the Borgias. The book started out a little slow for me maybe because I had to figure out who was who, the relationships between them all and who could really trust each other. Once I got the lay of the land the story drew me in and after taking days to get through the beginning of the book I devoured the rest of it in two sittings.

My favorite part of historical fiction is seeing all the maneuvering that goes on in any royal or in this case papal court. When you read about the things people do like in the case of Francesca poisoning people they sound pretty despicable but when you dig deeper into why some of these people make the choices they do you start feeling sympathetic. It sounds like such a cut throat environment to live in and I can't imagine trying to survive and wonder what I would do in Francesca's position. She openly states that she doesn't feel like she is a good person and she constantly has to protect her friends from her dark side and yet she shows a soft side as she tries to protect her friend's son and her friends in the secret society, the Lux, from those who mean them harm.

The bit of romance thrown in between Francesca and Cesare was also an interesting puzzle. I couldn't tell how deep their relationship really went vs convenience and about using each other for their own purpose. I can't wait to see where this relationship goes in the next book.

The major weakness I found in this book was that the villain who was really behind the betrayal wasn't as fleshed out as they could have been. It was almost anti-climatic when their identity is revealed and you almost don't care with everything else that is going on. Still I will definitely want to read the next book in the series.

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