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Red Moon Rising Red Moon Rising by Peter Moore
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Oct 13, 2011

liked it
Read from October 13 to 14, 2011 — I own a copy

This is a fresh take on the vampire/werewolf genre. It is set in a modern age with a prevailing system that allows humans, vampires, & werewolves to live harmoniously. Nonetheless, it does not escape the nuances of social hierarchy, where in Moore's world, the werewolf ranks bottom.
The plight of Danny Gray, top of the social class as half-vampire, is intensified when his wolven-half slowly manifests with the coming of the full moon. The author delves on how peachy life (as a human or as a vampire) can be, and how it can easily be degraded and humbled by just the mere possibility of changing species. You can't miss the subtle social and political undertone of this book. Throw in some human rights concerns there too. I love the term "specist" to refer to our unfortunately still existing "racist".
I find Danny a strong character, even with his uncertainties, and I love the unexpected but staunch support that he gets from his family. The presence of a fervid vampire antagonist named Gunther makes life more complicated for Danny, and provides extra conflict. All in all, I like Red Moon Rising and it's a cool story, but if there's a book 2, it could still do a bit more of action and purpose. All the same, 3 stars for a good read!


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