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Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson
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Oct 13, 11

During the time of the age of trade, England and many other world powers were fighting the on going battle with ruthless pirates who ravened the high seas. Batson brings to life the tragic life of a good man turned to piracy through a page turning adventure. In the Isle of Swords, pirate Declan Ross and his Irish crew are long for a way out of piracy. The crew of the William Wallace was abandoned by England and with no way to live turned to the sweet trade. These pirates are not blood thirsty lunatics; they never kill unarmed men and are decent humans. The book takes a wild turn when Bartholomew Thorne the worst pirate of time begins a quest to kill them all.
The book begins with the crew of the Wallace making a stop on one of Thorne’s islands for repairs to the ship, but the un expecting crew is soon to have a battle of life and death. With the ship careened for repairs the crew begins work. Soon enough they spot a ship on the horizon. Ross soon discovers that the ship belongs to Thorne’s second in command Thierry Chevillard, the ruthless butcher. Declan Ross a formidable pirate himself out maneuvers Thierry and kills him and sinks his ship. Thus creating a grudge against himself with Thorne, “I want Ross dead, a king’s ransom in gold for the captain who finds the Wallace!” (Batson 152) Ross then heads to a mission where monks have tried to convert pirates to leave piracy and become Christians, but the monks this time gave a very important mission to Ross. One monk, named Padre Dominquez, was a special kind of monk; he held the key to the lost reassure of Emperor Constantine. On the back of this monk was a tattoo of the Isle of Swords. A secretly guarded island by the phenomena of the ocean, the monk explained to Ross that he needed transport to the island to collect holy treasures that were priceless to them. Ross accepted the mission because of the other treasure to give him a chance to leave piracy once and for all. What he did not know was that Thorne was after the same thing.
Batson creates a spell binding story that keeps a reader glued to the pages. He creates a brilliant story using the old tales of piracy and treasure. The clear description of even the most minuet details plays the book as a movie in your head. The story of bravery, loyalty, and justice create one of the best fiction books I have ever read. The world of cannon fights and world wide boat chase create a thriller filled with action on every page.

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