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Fate by Amanda Hocking
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Oct 16, 2011

liked it
Read from October 08 to 11, 2011 — I own a copy

What it's about...
Book #2 in the My Blood Approves series
A teenage girl and her brother struggle with their attachments to a vampire family.
A self published series that has done very well for itself! Exciting stuff!

What I loved...
I found this book to be a much more satisfying read than the 1st in the series. The plot pulled me along, there were unexpected turns quite quickly into the story and the evolving romance was well played.

I definitely wanted to get back to reading it throughout the day and immediately bought book 3 when it ended.

On my mind...

Young Adult
I wouldn't let my daughter read this series, even if she was old enough because the female lead is so weak and desperate. Girls need to be reading books about women who know who they are and have their own story going on.

Errors and Edits
There are a few style things that Hocking does that strike me as "self-published." They are simple editing details like stating something that the character has already expressed as dialogue or using overly descriptive words that could be replaced with "he said". There were also spelling errors, and misused words, perhaps more than in book 1. That said, as a customer, I'm not paying the same price I would for a "published" book, which has a whole team of people behind it, polishing and editing. I don't think we can complain too much about what we aren't paying for.

There is an odd disparity in the family's treatment of Alice. Sometimes they parent her, withholding information and keeping her ignorant of the reality of her situation, and sometimes they give her advice or limits but don't enforce them. I can't decide if I find this inconsistent or just a peeve of mine. Why keep secrets about what you do for a living and let someone stumble into danger that you clearly saw coming? It makes no sense to me, especially given how old, mature and wise they are supposed to be.

The vampires also don't seem to encourage Alice to DO things, to take an interest or participate in things. They seem to encourage her to sit around and skip school really. Or what other people play video games (which ah.. hello? is REALLY boring). Alice seems pretty incapable of finding things to do on her own. Does this girl not know about reading? She does try to read one book but even with days of time on her hands, she can't seem to finish it. It's no wonder she's desperate for attention from her man, she's got nothing else. I suppose this is realistic, but it depresses me.


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