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Without Warning by K.G. MacGregor
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Oct 13, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: lgbtq, romance, drama, disaster-survival
Read in October, 2011

Honestly, I'd give this book 2 1/2 stars instead of just 2, but true to the rating system here on Goodreads, this one was just okay for me.

While I love the premise of the book- two women from completely different lives are forced to come together in order to survive in a collapsed mall that's just been hit by a massive eathquake, find love and strength, and live happily ever after- the execution could use a little work.

First, I had to take a step back during the earthquake aftermath part... it's depicted for a long time that everyone in this busy LA mall just dies except for the two main characters, and they don't run into anybody during their trek out. MacGregor amends this a little by mentioning survivors while the two are attempting to contact each other, but it just didn't work for me. Not realistic at all. I had a hard time taking this book seriously after that.

Second, that's not what this story is mostly about. I picked up the book before it was a survival romance, but honestly, it's about the earthquake for maybe four chapters and then it's about one of the characters getting a grip on being a lesbian and coming out to everybody. I don't mind the plot- it's a HUGE event on every gay and lesbian's life to come officially out of the closet- but the summary on the back is very misleading.

Third and finally, there's just too many characters. They seem to slip in and out every couple pages. MacGregor is so busy introducing and cutting them out that I feel like it really takes away from developing the two main characters. I normally feel connected to the romantic couple when I read books, but this one just felt like turning on a daytime drama to kill some time with.

I will give the author credit though... MacGregor drove me crazy waiting for the white pages towards the end, and they were all well worth waiting for.

In a nutshell, it's an okay coming-out story if you need some time to kill; just don't be mislead by the summary on the back.


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