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Yours, Mine and Howls by Kinsey W. Holley
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Oct 12, 2011

really liked it
Recommended to Charity by: Michelle Leah Olson
Read in October, 2011 , read count: 1

Allison "Ally" Kendall died at the age of 18 defending her young cousin from his enraged, drunk werewolf stepfather, and was later reborn with superhuman powers and strength that rivals most werewolfs. With the help of a beta werewolf named Seth and another werewolf friend named Dec, they go on the run as Ally raises Dylan as her own. When Dylan turns 18, they discover that his true family lives in Colorado and they head out to find them.

Cade MacDougall is shocked but overjoyed to learn of the existence of his nephew Dylan. He's not so overjoyed with the package deal that comes along with him: Ally, Seth and Dec.

While Ally and Cade become closer their secrets pull them in directions that can threaten their future together and the future of Cade's pack. With out giving away all of the story, be prepared for many side plots that at one point make you do a double take while asking yourself "what am I missing here?" By the end of the book MOST of my questions that arise from the story we answered. Only 2 questions remained but I think that the author couldn't answer these questions so easily cause at this point in the series, or world she's creating, there is not a character we have meet yet that holds the keys to finding these answers. I'm hoping as the world develops thru the next books in the series, these characters and I will have all of our questions answered.

Although these books are considered a series the only thing connecting them is the world that that the characters live in. There are no crossovers in these books YET, and they can definitely be read as stand alone novels. I would love to see the secondary characters in this book show up and continue to enthrall me in further books.

Unlike the 1st book, Kiss and Kin, this book is a full length novel. One thing I loved about this book was that even thou we are given a lot of information at the beginning and the end of the book all at once, the middle slowed down to a very seductive pace to allow the reader to see each characters development and allows us to fall in love with all of them even the secondary characters.

This Literal Addict gives Yours, Mine and Howls (Werewolves in Love #2) by Kinsey W. Holley four out of five skulls.

On to the next one and As always my Literal Addicts, Happy Reading!!!!

Review by:
Charity Costa aka Bewitching Bella
Literal Addiction

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