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Go Forward with Faith by Sheri L. Dew
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Sep 29, 11

Read from July 14 to September 26, 2011

I can't even begin to describe my disappointment in this book. President Hinckley is one of my absolute all-time heroes, and I decided to read this book specifically because he always represented such a huge beacon of hope to me. I was in a very dark place in my life, craving that light and hope, and felt confident that his biography would help me see things in a new way.

Unfortunately, the writing of this book is downright terrible and does no justice to the wonderful person he was. It is exasperatingly long, tedious, and repetitive, full of silly and inconsequential details. By the time I had finished the first third of the book, I was groaning every time I picked it up again, determined to finish it. I don't care what he ate day by day, I don't want to read again about how he deliberated about moving out of his house (which is mentioned at least two dozen times, in separate chapters), and I have had enough plane delays in my lifetime to know that they are too boring to repeat in a book. It is seriously ridiculous.

Dew mentions in the Preface how reluctant Hinckley was to having his biography written. She mentions that, when she met with him after reading the first third of the manuscript, he stated that he was "sick, sick, sick of reading about Gordon Hinckley. There is just too much about Gordon Hinckley in this manuscript". I chuckled to myself when reading that, chalking his statement up to his legendary humility. But I understand that comment on a whole new level now, after reading the book itself; it is seriously ridiculous. Had it been my biography, I would have been embarrassed.

In all fairness, I felt the book picked up a bit in the last 150-or-so pages, and thoroughly enjoyed it from that point on. I think I finally got what I had been looking for in the beginning. But really, the whole book just wasn't worth it for me. I would never recommend it. Instead, I recommend any of the wonderful and uplifting books that he published in his years as prophet and President of the Church.

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