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Utterly Charming by Kristine Grayson
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Oct 11, 11

Utterly Charming by Kristine Grayson
Contemporary Romance -Oct. 1st, 2011
4 stars

Nora Barr was determined to save her law practice from bankruptcy, but that doesn’t mean she’ll take the case of Aethelstan Blackstone! Let alone help him hide a suspicious VW van. Even when Aethelstan claims that he’s really a mage who needs to hide his true love, Emma the Sleeping Beauty from the evil witch, can Nora really trusts him?

Ten years later, when Emma finally awakens from her long sleep and is furious at Aethlestan for keeping her asleep for a thousand years (even though he did it to protect her from an evil witch), it is Nora who steps in and takes care of Emma. But will Aethelstan look at Nora the same way he looks at Emma?

There’s a lot of things going on in the first half of the book, so much so that it gets overwhelming. By the time Grayson has set up the background story of Emma, Aethelstan, and the evil witch, I feel like there isn’t much room or time left for the author to develop the romance between Aethelstan and Nora, the ordinary human who somehow is the wizard’s true love. I couldn’t really feel Aethelstan’s attraction to Nora, especially when Nora is so busy taking care of Emma. What does he really see in Nora? I don’t get it. I can understand Nora’s attraction to Aethelstan, but that’s mainly because he’s handsome. I also didn't like the way Aethelstan treats Emma at the end of the book, by making her work as a dishwasher in his restaurant.

Overall, even though this story has a cute premise, it doesn’t really work out very well in my opinion. It feels as though the romance between Aethelstan and Nora was too rushed.

Reviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Club

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