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Left at Oz by Sandra Carey Cody
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Oct 11, 11

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Many of the books I review are thrillers or action-packed mysteries. I wasn't sure what to expect from Cody's book except it had a unique title. This one is for those cozy lovers who like a little suspense. Set in the rural Memphis, Tennessee area, an average housewife struggles against both the local homicide investigator and a cold-blooded killer.
Jennie Connors' car has been stolen. Jennie and her friend, Kate, following a strange message on her answering machine, discover not only the car, but the dead body of her babysitter. Enter Lieutenant Goodley, a stolid, serious man asking too many questions for Jennie's comfort. Believing she's the prime suspect, she starts her own investigation and winds up dodging danger or encountering resistance with every inquiry.
Secrets regarding the babysitter are revealed and an acquaintance is involved in a mysterious accident. Jennie notices a bald man following her. Someone is making strange phone calls to her husband. Her house is ransacked. Can she find the killer before she becomes a victim or before Goodley arrests her?
This is a fairly quick read with a lot of standard stuff. There's enough suspense to keep you rooting for Connors. Cody's cast of characters is all you expect from this type of story, from the caring best friend to the victim's boyfriend. From the stalwart parents to family relations with attitude. Get cozy with this fine read and discover what was left at Oz.
Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, author of “Beta” for Suspense Magazine

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