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Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I'd have given this book more stars up until the second half. That's where it began to fall apart and become another Teen Saves The Day From Zombies novel. There's nothing wrong with teens saving the day from zombies, it's just that it's overdone. At least the zombies in this book were created from a computer game and weren't reanimated corpses...until the actual reanimated corpses showed up. There are vampires, werewolves, old gods, demons, etc. All the standard characters pop up in new (and sometimes not-at-all new) guises.
I liked that Nick is a little sassypants 14-year-old with a healthy sense of sarcasm and a healthy respect for the women in his life. I didn't like that he was so ridiculously negative all the time. I liked that it took place in New Orleans since I was there this past summer and know what Bourbon Street looks like. I didn't like that New Orleans really didn't have that much to do with the actual story; it could have taken place in any city known for its supernatural denizens. I liked the plethora of quirky characters. I didn't like losing track of who's who, which happened fairly quickly.
I felt the story started out strong, building on a new-teen boy's interest in girls, issues with his father, love for his mother, dedication to and of his friends. I felt it lost momentum and became a quick-read, actiony-but-not-really zombie-hunt fest afterward and I lost interest.
Regardless, I will read the second book because of what I liked about this book.

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