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A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
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May 27, 08

Recommended to Brittany by: Oprah
Recommended for: No one
Read in May, 2008

This book is completely awful. Don't feed in to the Oprah hype. It's abstract and somewhat hard to follow, even for me, a third year law student. Not entertaining at all. There are some tidbits of useful information, but if your mother taught you anything, you probably have already heard the useful parts. There are also a lot of contradictions in Tolle's writing/thought process. Don't go on the message boards on Oprah's website because the people on there are crazy nutjobs and can't provide any helpful discussion on the book. I also tried to make it through the online classes on Oprah's website but they are extremely long (an hour and a half for each chapter, of which there are ten total) and extremely boring (I fell asleep during most of them). When I was finished I felt compelled to burn the book, but I thought I could sell it to Half Price Books instead and maybe gain a couple of bucks back in return. I also though about personally going to Tolle's home to get a full refund, like the boys on South Park did to Mel Gibson when they didn't like the Passion of the Christ. If the New Earth is one that is full of Tolle followers... peace out... I'm moving to Mars.
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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim I had to email you b/c you and I shared the same opinion on this wacko and boring book and my review created quite an uproar I think! Are you not getting the same response? I'm getting picked on I guess. I had to just find someone else who gave this book a low rating so I would know that I'm not the sole one out here who thought this book was's been said was just all over the place and hard to follow... If I hear the word 'ego' one more time I'm going to scream! (uh oh, that must be my 'pain body' going at it again) Haha! Anyway, just had to write to say kudos on your review--it was hilarious!

Heather I just finished the book and had the EXACT same response that you both did.
1.) YES...the book was purely hype...blasted Oprah. :)
2.) How often can someone repeat himself? Yes ego is bad. Ugh....if I hear "ego" one more time! :)
3.) I soooo want my money back!!! Half Price Books is a splendid idea! :)

Just wanted to share with you that I agree whole-heartedly and wish I had not wasted my time.

Brian Different people really make the world go round. I love reading all of your reviews! I'm not being sarcastic at all. I'm just not sure how we could have come to such opposing viewpoints. I thought the book was great!

Heather I've been meaning to update my review since I re-read this book a few months ago. My viewpoint changed dramatically. My life is in a totally different place now and Tolle's insights have more meaning to me now. I still think some points at the beginning were redundant, but I have a new found appreciation for this book now.

Brittany I sold the book and never looked back. I'm now on to bigger and better books. A couple of times I've thought about picking up "The Power of Now" whenever I see a cheap copy, just to see if maybe Tolle could redeem himself in my eyes. Then I remind myself that I wanted to commit suicide by Chapter 9 of "A New Earth," and I pick up Sedaris's most recent release instead.

Brittany Ouch! I may have bought into the Oprah hype, but it looks like someone drank the Tolle Kool-Aid! I guess there is no room for humor in Tolle's teachings.

Stephanie Ladd I can't imagine too many people's mother teaching the lessons Tolle is getting to here.

Brittany Stephanie wrote: "I can't imagine too many people's mother teaching the lessons Tolle is getting to here."

I think he might have mentioned things like, be nice to people. It's basically small, simple things I was refering to when I said the reader probably got the most useful parts of this book from their mother.

message 9: by Pam (new) - rated it 2 stars

Pam My same sentiment..I read Law School Books cases as if they were Best Selling Novels..this was a crock!

Brian My biggest recommendation, for those who don’t recognize the power of his teachings, is to NOT throw away/sell the book right away. Keep it for a few years and wait until you reach a new phase in your life. Maybe at that point the information will resonate with you more than it does now (ask Heather above) or maybe it won’t--no problem. I’m not saying Tolle is right or wrong, good or bad. What I’m saying is that his teachings are enhancing the lives of millions of people around the world and that’s enough for me to give it a second shot down the road :)

message 11: by Chris (new)

Chris Coker Law student becomes judge!

message 12: by Traci (new)

Traci Lawrence What a brilliant review! I really appreciate it!

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