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The Cheat by Amy Goldman Koss
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Oct 10, 2011

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Read from October 10 to 13, 2011

My sister suggested this book; she was obsessed with the author Amy Goldman Koss. The title picture looked scary, so I hesitated for awhile. The summary of the book was really good so I started reading it. I really enjoyed this book, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite book.

I already knew that cheating was bad, but after reading this book I learned what actually happens. Usually teachers and parent always say that cheating leads to bad life, but they never explain what happens. In this book it explains the life of three middle school kids who cheated. It doesn't only affect them but the others around them.

Sarah got the midterm answer from a guy she didn't even know, Jake (A nerd). His sister took it last year and Jake thought that every year the questions were the same. Sarah didn't cheat by herself. She told three other kids in her school: her best friend, Katie, Rob (Katie's old best friend) and Dan (Sarah didn't even know him well). Katie got scared so she didn't cheat. Sarah, Dan and Rob cheated; during the test Rob realized that some answers were wrong. Rob didn't study so he didn't know what to do. The three cheaters got caught. They wrote exactly the same answers for last year’s midterm test. Sarah accused Katie of tattling on her. The big drama started. Rob doesn’t want to get in trouble so he runs away from home. Sarah needs to tell the secretary who gave her the answers before she could come back to school, but Sarah doesn’t like that idea. Dan’s girlfriend (Ruby) doesn’t think he is cute anymore because he cheated. While all this is happening Jake is regretting himself for telling Sarah the answers for the midterms.

I like the fact that the author rotated the speaker of the story. Instead of telling the story only in Sarah's perspective, she also included Rob, Dan and other characters perspective. I think if she told the story in only one persons view it wouldn’t have been a great book. I tend to like stories that rotate the speaker. It tells me how each character feels. Some stories have 3 characters talk about one event. This makes the book very boring since it repeats the event. In this book, one character talked about one event. Then it went on to another event with another characters perspective.

I would recommend this book to everyone. It has a wonderful message. This book has a lot of drama and less action. I have a feeling that most boys won’t love this book. I personally enjoyed this book and think that the author did a great job writing this story. My sister loved it too and I am glad that she recommended it to me.

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