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The Amanda Project by Amanda Valentino
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Oct 10, 2011

did not like it

So, when I read the about of this book I thought it sounded pretty decent. But I will say that I was disappointed. I really was not a fan of Callie. She had no backbone, which would be O.K., if she wasn't Hedi's pawn for 75% of the book. I really wanted to like Hal, but I just couldn't because as soon as I did, he said something weird and mystical again and I began to get annoyed. I didn't really like Amanda because she was a friend that they all had that lied to all of them about her whole life and then just leaves them to look for her. If I were any of the characters I would have just given up then and there and not have done anything. It irritates me because they get offended for about 5 minutes and then Hal says something mystical and they're all okay with it again.
The only character that I did like was Nia. She was individual and interesting, she gave me something to read about. Another reason this book drove me up a wall was because honestly, there was no liable reason to keep all three of the kids in detention, the only proof was the little drawing on the locker and that's nothing. With Nia's parents, they could have gotten out because it was just not fair in anyway.
My last reason for just... disliking this book was that it was totally set up for another book, all it was, was a plot to get you to buy more. The book ended with no resolution in any way shape or form. If you're going to make a sequel then finish something in the first book, and then leave one issue open (i.e. Amanda's whereabouts) in my opinion, it was not a good read.

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