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The Myth of You and Me by Leah Stewart
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May 13, 2008

it was amazing
Read in July, 2008

I loved this book from the beginning, and I loved it all the way through to the end. I could relate to it perfectly well - partly because I have always been the kind of girl to have pretty intensely strong female friendships and partly because I have seen first-hand how tenuous those friendships can actually be. Here's my favorite passage.


Adult friendship doesn't grant you an exclusive, isn't meant to be ranked above romance and family. I couldn't imagine ever living that moment again, when you say, with a shy and hopeful pride, "You're my best friend." The other person says it back and, there, you have chosen each other, out of everyone in the world. You have fallen in love and said so.

The teenagers looked nothing like Sonia and I had looked at their age. We had big hair - one of these girls had dyed hers blue. We wore Coke shirts and Swatches and acid-washed jeans. We said "fixin' to" and "dang", hung out with Southern Baptists, dated boys who drove pickup trucks. These girls probably snuck into rock clubs. They did drugs and went to poetry readings. They knew all about Zen Buddhism and read articles in The New Yorker. What I recognized was the way they kept looking at each other even though they were each talking to a boy. Every so often, they exchanged these quick, knowing glances, each making sure the other one was still there, still with her. I wondered how long their friendship would last, and I felt sorry for them, because they didn't know it wouldn't.


This passage was so real, so true for me that I could have written it myself (er, presuming that I could write as eloquently as Ms. Stewart, that is). It made me sad for the friendships that I've lost, and made me glad for those that I've managed to retain, even though they are now different as they've had to adjust to fit the adult world - and that's really how the whole book made me feel. As the title of the book notes, lost friendships can begin over time to feel as though they never were as you once remembered them - they were merely myths in your shared past.

For the transition of my own once-friends-turned-mythical, I am sorry. For my friendships that have made it through our crossing into the adult world, I am grateful. And I'm grateful to Leah Stewart for putting it all into words as poignantly as she did.
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Lara Just what I need...another addition to my 'To Read' shelf!


Marty I loved this book and was so glad you recommended it.

Believeit2seeit amazing review!

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