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Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday
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Oct 09, 2011

really liked it
Read on October 31, 2011 — I own a copy

This was a cute mystery/romance with a Nancy Drew like feel. It was also pretty funny (I stayed up pretty late to finish this and had to keep it down with the cracking up because I didn’t want to wake my husband!)

The story opens up with Hartley, a junior in high-school breaking into her boyfriend, Josh’s locker to find out if the mornings text rumors are true: Josh has gotten up-close and personal with the president of the Chastity Club, Courtney Cline. In there she finds a girlfriends worst nightmare: an empty condom wrapper. Hartley attempts to confront Josh but she can’t get a hold of him. In meantime she finds out that Courtney has been murdered and the prime suspect is Josh.

This is when Hartley, with the help of her best friend Sam, and the school newspaper editor, Chase Erickson set out to find the killer. Because even though Hartley knows her boyfriend is a lying sack of %#*%@, she knows he is not a murderer (or she thinks she knows). I don’t know if I could’ve been as noble after finding out my boyfriend was cheating on me! She helps even though she’s been betrayed and hurt by this loser! Along the way though, Hartley starts to notice that Chase is somewhat of a hottie: tall, dark and dangerous. She can’t help it when he starts creeping into her thoughts more and more. I’ll have to refer you to the scene of Hartley hiding under Chase’s bed, all kinds of funny and yum at the same time! I wished there was a little more with Hartley and Chase and would’ve been disappointed if I didn’t know there’s going to be a sequel. This seems like the setup for more things to come in the romance department. There’s a sneak peek to the next book, at the end of this one, where it describes Chase as “sex in a pair of jeans,” so, yeah, I think there’s more swoon-worthy stuff to come!

This was a total page turner too (thus the staying up way too late to finish). You want to know who did it! Loved this one! So glad we don’t have to wait a whole year for the sequel! It comes out next April! Yay!!
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Kristina Snyder I just got this in the mail. I am going to read it after Voyage probably. Let me know what you think.

♥Rachel♥ Just finished last night Kristina. Reminds me of a modern Nancy Drew. I liked it. :)

message 3: by Mateja (new) - added it

Mateja Will you write a review? I'm considering buying it in December.

♥Rachel♥ Yes I will Mateja. I'll have it in by the end of the day. :)

Kristina Snyder Awesome!!! I really loved the Body Finder series. I didn't know if it would be like that one.

♥Rachel♥ Kristina, I thought The Body Finder was on the more serious side. This book was lighter & funnier. But it definitely was a mystery.

message 7: by Mateja (new) - added it

Mateja The Body Finder is more of a romance with some mystery, rather than mystery with romance. It's one of my favorite books.

Kristina Snyder It is one of my favorites too. So there is romance in Deadly cool? I can't wait to read it.

message 9: by ♥Rachel♥ (last edited Nov 01, 2011 12:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

♥Rachel♥ Mateja is right. This was more a mystery with a little romance & Body Finder was more romance with a mystery. I also loved the The Body Finder! It's one of my all-time favorites as well. There was romance in this too but not as much, but there is a sequel coming & I think there's going to be more romance there. I'll explain a little more in my review.

Wendy Darling all kinds of funny and yum

Totally, totally agree. :) Yay for lighthearted YA!

♥Rachel♥ Yes Wendy, yay for the lighthearted YA. I didn't know you liked Hex Hall, I'll have to go back & read your reviews. The new one should be out this spring. :)

Wendy Darling III know! So excited. :D

message 13: by Jenn (new)

Jenn I can't stop laughing over the Burger Barn scene. LOL

♥Rachel♥ I'm trying to remember what happened there. :)

message 15: by Jenn (last edited May 09, 2012 10:10PM) (new)

Jenn LO!L Oh boy... (view spoiler)

♥Rachel♥ Is it a car that runs off oil. Like leftover cooking oil they can collect at restaurants?

message 17: by Jenn (new)

Jenn LOL! Yes. Sam's brother Kevin drives a car that is converted to oils/grease/whatever you want to call it that you can get from restaurants. So when they go to throw out the extras he takes it off their hands. It doesn't get regular gasoline.

♥Rachel♥ I know that's supposed to be helping the environment but what a hassle and yuck! Lol!! :)

message 19: by Jenn (new)

Jenn LOL! No joke. The whole part still makes me laugh. I laughed for so long I had to put the book down until I calmed down.

♥Rachel♥ That's how I was with the under the bed scene! :)

Kristina Snyder That scene was hilarious!!! I need to get the second book ordered. It just came out not too long ago.

Jessie "the scene of Hartley hiding under Chase’s bed, all kinds of funny and yum at the same time!"

^ That part was hilarious! :) I wonder if there'll ever be a book 3?!

♥Rachel♥ Jessie wrote: ""the scene of Hartley hiding under Chase’s bed, all kinds of funny and yum at the same time!"

^ That part was hilarious! :) I wonder if there'll ever be a book 3?!"

I wonder that too, Jessie. Although I still haven't read the second one. Too many books and not enough time! :)

message 24: by Basuhi (new)

Basuhi Rachel I blame you or my increasing TBR pile !

Nice review, btw <3

♥Rachel♥ Basuhi wrote: "Rachel I blame you or my increasing TBR pile !

Nice review, btw <3"

Thank you Basuhi, and I feel the same about you! Lol! :)

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