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Oct 17, 11

Read in October, 2011

**Spoilers for previous book, Fish & Chips.***

This book completely drained me emotionally. Ty and Zane are both so explosive, and physically strong - and then they are bombarded with very fragile emotional states. I was very curious to see how their relationship would progress after Ty's "I love you" in Fish & Chips. While my heart would love it if Zane would scream "I love you too," and they both hold hands and skip down the road together, that is SO not Ty and Zane. I think we see such a vulnerable side to Zane in this book. Not just with his physical impairment, but his internal struggle with his feelings. I find it so interesting that these authors had other characters point out to Ty that Zane is stuck up and not right for him. I love that these boys are so flawed, and others recognize these flaws as well.

Spoiler (view spoiler)

Another spoiler! (view spoiler)

And then Ty!! Damn it I love Ty so much. How do you even begin describing him...or his motives or feelings? He is so gruff, and tough - and then he asks Zane to slow dance with him. He just puts his heart so much into everything he does - whether it is work or love - and for that reason, hurts just as deeply.

I think the emotional aspect in this one is done really well. I'm slightly terrified to see how book five starts. I hear this is a 8 (or so) book series and I'm not sure if I can handle Ty and Zane on the outs for a book or two.

The mystery in this one is not as strong - but I liked that because there is so much intensity surrounding their relationship.

I still feel like these two are growing, and progressing in their relationship in each book. I'm not frustrated yet with their in no way feels one point in the story, they mention that they were only up in WV (bk 2) four months ago. They are so screwed up emotionally, I think their relationship needs lots of time. I do think I'm ready for them to start sharing more about their past with each other.

I just hope the very last sentence is not foreshadowing what is to come in Book 5.
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orannia I'm currently reading Fish & Chips, so probably shouldn't have read the second sentence of your review. Have stopped for now...until I finish F&C, which at the moment is FUBAR! Sorry, that should be the undercover case is FUBAR :)

Mandi Schreiner OH - sorry Orannia!! I just went back and put a spoiler warning for F&C. My bad.

orannia No need to apologise as I'm the slow poke who hasn't read F&C yet :) Good to know I can dive into the fourth book if I want to. And I saw the words 'emotional development' - love such books so YAH!

Mandi Schreiner Let me know after you read F&C - whatcha think.

Caitlin Peterson Ty does WHAT?!?! (In reference to the second spoiler)

Holy crap, I'm going to go read this right now...

Mandi Schreiner It's not as bad as the spoiler doesn't bring conflict necessarily into THIS book - but I wonder if the person mentioned may show up again? I dunno.

Read it and then come talk to me!!! :)

Helyce I didn't read the spoilers! I stopped at the line that said Zane's "physical impairment" I am so afraid to read this, but I know I won't be able to stop myself.

Mandi Schreiner You must read Helyce so we can talk!!!!! :)

Caitlin Peterson Okay, I just finished it. I stayed up way too late and will probably pay for it tomorrow, but it was worth it. ;-)

I don't think that the person mentioned in the second spoiler will come back. There was a line in the book saying something to the effect of that the bond will always be there, but it won't be anything more than friendship. And a shared history of torture, I guess, from what it sounds like. Poor Ty.

I have no idea what the last little note that Ty left meant! Good, bad?! My only hope is that since there was snippet of Armed & Dangerous and they appeared to be getting along, was that maybe Ty just needed a break or something? They'd had too much togetherness? I have no idea. I'm with you, I don't think I could bear it if they were on the outs.

Also, the slow dancing scene was AMAZING. So sweet and wonderful. Why can't they be like that all the time? There's so much angst. lol Sigh. Can't wait for the next one!

Mandi Schreiner Okay - glad to hear your thoughts with the second spoiler :)

I think the very last few words Ty writes on that note means all is okay - And yes - I thought the same thing when I read the preview. They seem okay together.

Slow dancing melted me!!!! And Ty dressed in his uniform?? SWOON.

Caitlin Peterson Yes! I must admit I got a little teary eyed when they were playing Amazing Grace and he stood at attention. Nothing beats a sexy man in uniform, especially if he's proud of it.

I tried to look up the next book but couldn't find the release date.. since you know things, do you have any idea when it's coming out?

Mandi Schreiner I don't think they've stated a release date - I'm stalking them for it however ;)

message 13: by Fee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fee you wrote pretty much everything i was thinking after just finishing the book.
The most i could take if they every did split up would be half a book and no more than that but even that would make me cry as much as i did reading Chris Owens Bareback. i cant take the heartache when im so emotionally invested in 2 amazing characters lol

Mandi Schreiner Bareback killed me too! LOL

After reading the preview to bk 5, it looks like they are together and happy as they can be ;)

message 15: by Fee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fee I really didn't want to read the preview, it just gets my hopes up to read the whole book and just lets me down when i cant lol

Im not holding my breath with whats to come with Ty and Zane with how emotionally unbalanced they can both be at times, as we know one minute their all lovey dovey and then next their throwing a tantrum, either throwing punches or storming off, but im keeping my fingers crossed that they just build on the I Love You's hehe

Mandi Schreiner Yeah - I hear this series is plotted out to be maybe 9 books? So we might have to endure some heartache.

I'm scared. LOL

message 17: by Fee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fee im scared aswell lmao

with that many books there will probably be an emotional rollercoaster coming, no way can it be all plain sailing for those 2 with their track record.

And i hate rollercoasters but im on this one already so just gonna have to stay on it, aslong as they dont take it to far and put ty or zane with other people otherwise i'll put the emergency breaks on

Mandi Schreiner Yes -they totally wreck me for days.

Strawberries for Dessert did the same thing to be..but these are worse :)

Sharon OMG, I've only read the first one so far (got all the others in my kindle cue) I am a spoiler ho so I read it and now I am and emotional wreck and I haven't even gotten that far! I love/hate these kind of stories. Jake and Adrian's story did this to me too (Adrian English series). I will be hoping for the holding hands and skipping into the sunset scenario :)

Mandi Schreiner I know. These books wreck me for days. I was wrecked after reading Jake and Adrien too. SO much angst. But I loves. :)

You'll have to let me know how you do through the next one!

orannia Finished the third last week. Trying to decide if I should pick up the fourth or wait. Is there is cliff-hanger? (I'm not a fan of cliff-hangers :)

Mandi Schreiner ummmmm......There is a little something at the end that makes you wonder how the next book will start. But I don't know if it is really a cliffhanger.

orannia That's good enough for me - thank you Mandi! (I was thinking more in terms of one character's life left hanging in the balance sort of thing...I really need to stop being so pessimistic :)

Claudia Why can't Zane tell Ty he loves him, yet he told Henninger at the end of bk 1 that he did? Did he forget that? Ok, I won't read the spoilers and will start this book now!

Mandi Schreiner Claudia wrote: "Why can't Zane tell Ty he loves him, yet he told Henninger at the end of bk 1 that he did? Did he forget that? Ok, I won't read the spoilers and will start this book now!"

Ty has issues! But we learn in the latest book, Armed & Dangerous more about his past. Let me know what you think of this one!!

orannia Oh boy do we learn more about Ty in A&D!

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