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Hounded by Kevin Hearne
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Feb 26, 15

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011, fae, urban-fantasy, vampires, witches, shifters, kickass-sidekick
Read from October 09 to 13, 2011

Awesome start to what I think will be a very fun series.

Atticus somehow walks the line between being a pervy smart ass modern dude, and a 2000 year old wise druid. Sometimes his speech smacks of olde tyme phrases and in the next he's making gaming jokes. In short, he's written with awesome realism. You can't help but think he's cute.

Then you add to his character a host of funny and hilarious ensemble characters, the star of which is Atticus's Mans Best Friend the canine Oberon. Picture a large Irish Wolfhound that can speak telepathically with Atticus. This is the recipe for some of the funniest lines in Urban Fantasy.

For example:

[You think she's going to try something? Should I move behind her?]
No, she knows you're here. She can see through the camouflage. But I think she's hiding something from me, and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
[When did she drop the first shoe? I missed it.]
Never mind. Just listen. Once she drinks the tea, she will try to surprise me with something. She is waiting for the contract to be fully in effect before she says anything.
[Well, then, give her back the check and send her packing! We don't need to play her witch's games. They always want to get you and your little dog, too.]
I knew I never should have let you watch The Wizard of Oz.

There are many more, this was just one of the first ones.

In addition to Oberon there are goddesses and werewolves, vampires and witches. And, there’s a little old Irish woman with a deep hatred for Brits. Basically it was loads of fun and I'm so glad I stumbled on it.
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Quotes Wendy F Liked

Kevin Hearne

No, she knows you're here. She can see through the camouflage. But I think she's hiding something from me, and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Never mind. Just listen. Once she drinks the tea, she will try ot surprise me with something. She is waiting for the contrast to be fully in effect before she says anything.

I knew I never should have let you watch The Wizard of Oz.

Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Kevin Hearne
“I'd have to ask Oberon to leave him a present on his front doorstep. He'd do it camouflaged too, so that even if Mr. Semerdjian was watching - and he probably would be - it would appear to be undeniable, physical evidence that, sometimes, shit just happens.”
Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Kevin Hearne
Oberon said from behind the counter.
I busied myself making Emily's tea and spoke to him through our link. 'Yes, well, she's decided to take the high road, so I'll be happy to walk it with her as long as she likes.'

'Nope. She's a witch. A polite witch, but still a witch. She's got a charm on her hair that would have had me giving her anything she wanted if I hadn't been wearing protection. Don't take anything from her, by the way.'

'Oh yes she does. Emily has probably already told her.'

'How would you know the difference if she did? You think all sausages are magic.

Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Kevin Hearne
“What if one of your customers hears us talking about covers and such things?"
"We're in the perfect place to talk of them. They'll assume you're Wiccan. And if you're going to go way back in history and anyone is rude enough to interrupt and ask you about it, like that guy who just left, we'll say we're part of the SCA."
Her brows crinkled in confusion. "The Society for Cruelty to Animals?"
"No, I think you mean the SPCA, where the P stands for Prevention."
"Ah. Of course."
I shot a quick thought to Oberon. 'See? Witches.'

Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Kevin Hearne
“Malina looked incredulous. "Are you anything more than a Druid?"
"Of course I am. I own this shop and I play a mean game of chess, and I've been told that I'm a frakkin' Cylon."
"What's a frakkin' Cylon?"
"I don't know, but it sounds really scary when you say it with a Polish Accent.”
Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Kevin Hearne
“This guy is an epic douche. Kick his shiny ass, Atticus, Oberon said.
I compartmentalized his comment and resolved to enjoy it later. I glared at this would be usurper and said in my most authoritative voice, "Aenghus Og, you have broken Druidic law by killing the land around us and opening a gate to hell, unleashing demons on this plane. I judge you guilty and sentence you to death."
Amen, Atticus! Testify!”
Kevin Hearne, Hounded

Kevin Hearne
“Did you get me that movie about Genghis Khan?
'It's in the Netflix queue, but that's not the surprise. You don't need to worry, it'll be something good. I just don't want you to feel depressed about going home.'
Oh, I won't. But it would be cool to have a stream like this in the backyard. Can you make one?
'Ummm... no.'
I figured. Can't blame a hound for trying.
Oberon was indeed surprised when we got back home to Tempe. Hal had made the arrangements for me and Oberon perked up as soon as we were dropped off by the shuttle from the car rental company.
'Hey, smells like someone's in my territory,' he said.
'Nobody could be here without my permission, you know that.'
'Flidais did it.'
'That isn't Flidais you smell, believe me.'
I opened the front door, and Oberon immediately ran to the kitchen window that gazed upon the backyard. He barked joyously when he saw what was waiting for him there.
'French poodles! All black and curly with poofy little tails!'
'And every one of them in heat.'
'Oh, WOW! Thanks Atticus! I can't wait to sniff their asses!'
He bounded over to the door and pawed at it because the doggie door was closed to prevent the poodles from entering.
'You earned it, buddy. Hold on, get down off the door so I can open it for you, and be careful, don't hurt any of them.'
I opened the door, expecting him to bolt through it and dive into his own personal canine harem, but instead he took one step and stopped, looking up at me with a mournful expression, his ears drooping and a tiny whine escaping his snout.
'Only five?”
Kevin Hearne, Hounded

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Cassi aka Snow White Haggard So he communicates with his dog? That's something I always seems to love.

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard Have you read Lirael? How does this dog compare to the Disreputable Dog? (that's one of my faves)

Wendy F Yeah, he's bound their aura's so they can communicate telepathically. At first it was just in images and emotion, but the bond is so strong that Oberon slowly learned language.

I haven't read Lirael. I'll have to go look it up. Everyone who read it in my other group (group read) did alot of comparing to Manchee. Which actually, there's not much comparison. Oberon is smart, lol. He banters.

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard Disreputable dog can be pretty funny so I'm guessing their similar dog personalities. Lirael is the sequel to Sabriel by Garth Nix. I actually like Lirael better.

Wendy F This is the first time I've ever heard of them, but I'll have to check them out.

I think you'd really like Hounded. It's definitely Urban Fantasy but there's no romance at all. At least not in the first, and it doesn't quite set up a future romance either.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) Loved Hounded and Hexed and need to get the third one!

Wendy F I read Hounded and then rushed out and bought all three in print. They are so good! Atticus is a cutie and Oberon is hilarious.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) My liking these books of course blows holes in my saying earlier today on some thread that I generally do not like Urban fantasy and need some romance in a book. LOL

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard I bought this for Kindle. Sounds like what I might need.

Especially if Atticus is a cutie with a talking dog. Seriously that works for me.

Wendy F Haha, Terry, that is so true because this is definitely an Urban Fantasy and there was absolutely NO romance. (At lest not in the first.)

Cassi, I'll be looking out for your review then. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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