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Article 5 by Kristen Simmons
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Jan 19, 2012

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Jennifer Rinehart Ember Miller doesn't live in the same world as you and me. New York and L.A. are not cities anymore and things like the Bill of Rights have been put on leave, indefinitely. Laws are made by soldiers with guns and reading the wrong book can land you in prison or worse.

But Ember knows how to slide by. The problem is her mother, dear mom doesn't want to slide by, she reads romances while sitting on the front porch and says seditious things to people she shouldn't trust. So when her mom gets arrested, it isn't that shocking, but when Ember gets arrested for a violation of the Moral Statute, she's illegitimate, her parents never married and apparently that is now against the law, her world, as messed up as it was, just turned upside down.

This was the first thing that made me scratch my head, almost half of all kids born in the US are born to single moms, so now half of them are illegal? Okie dokie.

Anyways, Ember gets sent to a girls reform school where the reforms are mostly of the corporal punishment kind, but Ember is a slow learner and ends up in trouble on her first day.

Besides worrying about what's happened to her mother, Ember has come to the attention of the evil headmistress of the school, Brock;

"You are a very bad girl. the worst kind. The wolf in sheep's clothing. We shall need to shed that cover and remold your interior."

Just when things look their bleakest (is bleakest a word?!) help arrives in the most unexpected form.

Sadly, this is where story two starts. I loved the story up to this point. But when she's saved, the rest of the book turns kinda romance-y and travel'ish, meaning the characters drive around a lot and wrestle with their feelings and their past (when most of the romance was in the past, it always makes the romance in the present kinda dull, if you ask me. I like my characters to romance each other in the now).

I guess what bothered me most was how quickly the tempo of the story changed from survival amid imprisonment to survival while on the run. It was still interesting, but slooooowwwww and Ember got kind of irritating with her, 'I like him, I don't trust him,' routine.

But the ending was satisfying if not totally ended, so all in all, I liked the book and think it is a better than average dystopia.

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