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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
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Oct 09, 11

Read in October, 2011

Ahhhh, who doesn’t love a good horror book. And when I saw the authors who commented on it, I knew I would like it; Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Stacey Kade and Courtney Allison. Plus the cover didn’t hurt either.
This book is about Cas, short for Theseus Cassio Lowood. Theseus for the slayer of the minotaur and Cassio for Othello’s doomed lieutenant. He is a hunter, a ghost hunter. It’s just been him and his mom for a few years now. His dad was killed on a hunt. Cas wants to avenge his dad’s death, uses his dads Athame to pierce the ghosts spirit and send them away. Where they go, he doesn’t know and he doesn’t care. His goal get as many as he can. So he and mom do a lot of traveling. Different homes, different schools; friends, not anywhere long enough to make any. He’s just finished up one job and now he and mom are off to Ontario. The ghost to kill next? Anna Dressed in Blood. She’l be his last, than he’ll be ready to avenge his father’s death. The rumor is Anna’s killed twenty seven teenagers in the last half century.
Cas has it all figured out, he’s signed up for another year of high school and it’s time to get information. He finds the most popular girl and starts pumping for details. The trick is to get them talking and don’t let them get anything back from you. Carmel was the popular one. She broke up with big man on campus and doesn’t mind talking to Cas about the legend of Anna. He learns Anna died at age 16 and her murder was a cover-up. So this could be the reason Anna is a vengeful ghost, hmmmm, something for him to think about. He knows ghosts don’t really mean to kill people, he says sometimes they just get confused as to where they are and what they are. He only needs Carmel for information, he won’t be here long enough for friends, yet here come someone else into Cas’s life. His name is Thomas. Skinny little guy, not so good with girls, who seems to be able to read Cas’ mind, oh and he can see ghosts in the town too. Well, he might come in handy.
The first time he meets Anna, he witnesses the violence first hand. A teenager gets ripped apart , yet Anna lets Cas escape. Now he has to wonder, is it Anna, or maybe the house. So he keeps visiting Anna and she doesn’t rip him to shreds. Actually they have some nice conversations together. But wait, shouldn’t he be stabbing her with his Antame. But she’s alone and he’s alone and it’s nice talking to someone, especially when they don’t turn into the nightmare.
This book is a horror story, yes, it has some gory things in it; but it’s also about a young man who misses his dad and in trying to understand his death has been in such isolation that he’s missed out on living. I like the idea of him making friends and I hope there is a way for him to keep Anna in his life. Sorry guys it’s another trilogy.
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