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The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah
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Oct 08, 11

liked it

I read this book because the kids at the Juvie where I'm interning in the library love it, so I wanted to see what the hype is about. I get why they like it, and it was definitely entertaining to read. Souljah uses a lot of cultural references, mostly about clothes and cars and all that, presumably to suck readers in and keep them interested, which I personally don't know or care about. But you know, I'm obviously not the target audience. The way that she writes herself into the story was interesting- she's sort of a presence that interacts a bit with the main character Winter, who Winter finds annoying and preachy. I was a little annoyed by this, because it's clear that Winter only thinks so because she's mixed around with bad priorities (which is kind of the point of the book) and that Souljah is actually the righteous one. Which makes it a little self-righteous.
But I have to respect how she ended the book- I was thinking that Winter would get saved by Souljah or something, that she'd see the light from Souljah's knowledge dropping, but that was not the case at all. Souljah ended the book on a cold and foreboding note, which I think was realistic and that much more impactful in terms of making her point.
I skimmed through another of Souljah's books, Midnight, where she tells Midnight's story from his perspective (Midnight is the love interest in Coldest Winter Ever). I appreciate when authors do this- sequels that are concurrent rather than sequential, filling in other parts of the story, and would be interested to read the whole thing someday.

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