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In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath
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Oct 08, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended for: People who loved Derek Craven
Read in October, 2011

I just associated it with our beloved Derek Craven because of the gambling house that Jack Dodger owns. And because our heroes are dark, wicked, and spelled D-A-N-G-E-R. And may I add: sinfully delicious.

I shifted into this series because the other series that I've been reading is dragging me slow. I finished this book in 2 days (not bad).

Lucian Langdon, the Devil Earl, has a dark past.

He grew up in London streets with a band of street urchins known as 'Feagan's lads'.
His life changed when he killed the gentleman who sexually assaulted one of his closest friend.
The aforementioned gentleman is the heir to the earldom of Claybourne. When the current Earl came to see his son's murderer, he claimed that 'Luke' is his lost grandson, the son of his first-born son who was killed with his wife years back.

To save himself from prison, Luke lied to the Earl, pretending to remember his 'father' and 'mother'. The Earl eventually took him as his heir. But Luke cannot turn his back from his friends. In the process, the Earl took them in, educated them and trained them to be 'civilized'.

There's Jack Dodger, the lad who found Luke and the one who thought him everything about life in the streets. He is also Luke's closest friend.

There's Frannie Darling. The sweet girl who 'mothered' them all.

Bill Graves, the grave snatcher, who became a doctor.

Jim Swindler who is now an Inspector in the Scotland Yard.

But eventhough they've been polished, they didn't grew comfortable mingling with the peer. They kept to themselves, detesting the ton's hypocrisy, and living as they wish, including Luke.

Luke's crime has not been forgotten eventhough he is now the Earl of Claybourne. He is an outcast and feared by the ton. He feels a guilty about deceiving the 'old gent' about his identity but he is determined to see through his responsibilities as the Earl and will not give up the title even as his cousin, the son of the gentleman he killed, contests his claim as the real earl. He feels deep attachment to his street life and he plans to make Frannie Darling his wife whom he claims he loved since that night she held his hand.

But Frannie doesn't want any part in the society. She doesn't want attention and is happy building homes for the orphaned children. She claims that she can't wed him because she is not polished enough to be a wife of an Earl.

Lady Catherine Mabry wants someone killed.

And she believes that the Devil Earl can deliver the deed.
She believes the worst in him--and who would not? He was once imprisoned for thievery and killed his own uncle.

So they struck a deal. Catherine will help Frannie to learn how to be a gent's wife and Luke will dispose the man Catherine wanted dead.

What Catherine didn't know is by killing someone means giving away what remains of Luke's soul.

And why does Catherine fills his thoughts and not Frannie?
Why does he feel passion towards Catherine and nothing for Frannie?

And why can't he remember his life before the day Jack found him in the alley and took him to Feagan?

This is an intriguing story about scoundrels among London's polished side. They have a bond that was strengthen by time and you just can wish that you belong to their group.

It is also about Luke's struggle with his identity and his confusion if he should come back to being a commoner and be with Frannie or should he bring Frannie into his world so he won't feel alone in it. And in the end, it is about his struggle with his strong feelings towards Catherine Marby who ignites his passion that he is supposed to feel towards the woman he plans to marry and claims to love.

Don't be disappointed if our hero seems to 'love' a woman other than our heroine. As I've mentioned, Frannie mothered them all and all the lads fancied themselves in love with her. I think it is a love of a brother towards a sister. A love born of kinship and friendship. A love that serves to bond them all because each of them are connected and a part of each other's life in the streets.

It's a page-turner and you'll love the characters.

I gave 5 stars coz I don't want the ratings to go lower.
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