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Starfire Angels by Melanie Nilles
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Oct 07, 11

Okay, so this book absolutely sucked. The only reason why I finished it is because I absolutely have to finish things I start. One thing summarizes my feelings: This book reads ill-used cliche all over it.

Where do I begin with how it sucks?

1. Character development sucks.

It's been a day since I finished it and I don't remember who's in it anymore.

Does that say something?

All I remember is that the story is cliched, the girl is so ear gratingly annoying in how stupid, immature, and naive she is (does this girl know anything?!?!), and who she ended up with was so obvious that it wasn't even funny. And we don't even get a hint at anything cool about the characters' backgrounds at all, other than a glimpse of their "angel" background. And THAT wasn't even explained fully, if at all, ever. All we know is that there's a group of good guys with a select few of privileged powerful people and a group of bad guys and that's it. Gee, so original.

2. No real engaging plot.

Seriously, everything was so obvious that it wasn't worth reading. She finds out about her identity, is torn between two guys (of which one is socially outcast and the other amazingly gaga gorgeous *GAG* but we all know who she ends up with) and the phrase "beauty is only skin deep" is taken to literally here that the meaning was ridiculous.

In my opinion, the best bad guys are the ones who aren't outwardly bad. Like, they don't do common criminal junk. A real bad guy has an intricate plan, and will actually succeed in some parts and change the protagonist(s) in ways that are good and bad. If it's a complete one sided win, then what was the point of the challenge? Why was it important? I felt that this important aspect was missing in this novel, and it really, really made my respect for this book plummet.

I do NOT recommend this book. I'm too mean to say it, so I won't... but seriously, this book is not worth your time.
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message 1: by Cyndi (new) - added it

Cyndi I disagree with you in that the 'bad guy' had no effect on Raea (main character).
His plans did succeed in a few different type 'evil' ways.
Pailin (bad Guy) was the catalyst of Raea and (good Guy's) relationship. If not for him, Raea would not have needed some of the help with her abilities. Many of theses sessions bought them closer together. One subject in particular is Raea's rape. While sometimes difficult to portray the distress a rape vitcim goes through is often traumatizing. (Although it wasn't depicted well in this book, the point is made) From this experience Raea grows up. To me she seemed overly nieave(sp?) for a girl of eighteen, and this was a much needed wake up call. (not saying in any way its a good one).
One other point is that the bad Guy brought out the possessive streak in the good Guy. kinda forceing him to step up and take care of his girl, and come out of the shy person he was. (Or maybe its just me and my thing for a possessive mentality in my man.....)
Just my thoughts on the subject. Happy holidays!

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