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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
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Feb 03, 12

it was ok
bookshelves: crushing-on-the-cover, what-happened-to-you
Read in February, 2012

anna has everything going for her. she has a job, her last year of school, great mates and a boy who could potentially be more. but before she can look forward to anything, she's sent away to Paris to spend her final year. she's miserable and homesick, but soon enough, she starts to warm to it all. i mean it's a place that plays classics all day long, every day, what else could a movie lover like our protagonist ask for?

st. clair, perhaps? the hot boy in school. with him are rashmi, josh (his best mate) and meredith. she struggles to get on with them for a while, and although i still wouldn't call them close mates, or go as far as to say i felt they jelled well, there's one thing hugely noticeable. she has a bit of a thing for st.clair. ok, so maybe it's a HUGE thing!

here's the big BUT. st. clair has a girlfriend. well, obviously, this is a bit of a fucked up situation, right? TOO RIGHT! what the hell were the two thinking? i mean, they're just as bad as each other.

this is the part i'm kind of dreading. sharing how i felt about the book. because i didn't love it, hey, i'm not even sure if i liked it all that much. really? truly? urgh. it actually felt like i had to force myself to finish it. and that's such a suckish feeling. especially since i had such high expectations. i don't know what i expected from 'anna and the french kiss' but it was something big. i'm still struggling to figure out what the whole frecking deal is about this boy(or this book). so he's english... that's about it, right? he's english. i mean i get that he's cute in this dorky way, he made me grin a lot, which i can appreciate, but he didn't make me swoon. i wasn't MIND BLOWN. so don't get your hopes up girls. just saying ;)

and it's just so lame that everyone is tightly fitted in these stereotypes. our protagonist is, of course, very pretty. anyone who doesn't love her is either a bitch or a slut. of course all the guys just have to fancy her, and the guy she fancies is not only the hottest boy in school (of course) but his girlfriend is the blandest thing ever (of course). oh, i'm being mean now, aren't i. *sighs*

i didn't love the plot or any of the characters. i considered giving it three stars because it was fun to read at parts, but when i think of how i had to make myself trudge through this so many times. when i think of the underdeveloped characters, (view spoiler)
, the annoying protagonist who switches her boys like a girl does shoes. well.. it's enough to make that final decision.

a major let down. ;/
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02/02/2012 page 320
86.0% "completely underwhelmed by this book after all the gushing. It has, however, just started to get good now. hope it doesn't disappoint."
02/02/2012 "omg. slapped her on umm the, you know. someone kill me now *hides in corner* urghhhh" 6 comments
02/03/2012 "can't. stop. grinning. not such a good thing when you have five curious girls around you. but aww. maybe our boy isn't so bad after all. i think i even might, kinda/sorta like him. :))"
02/03/2012 "i change my mind. urghhhhhhh. bad boy, stupid boy. stupiddddddddddddd. Anna, wtf? stupiddddddddddddd"

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Fatima If you didn't like the first one, I wonder what you'll think of the second one. Because I really didn't enjoy it.

Aly (Fantasy4eva) heyyy :) i'm not even going to go there fatima. i've heard the exact same thing from countless readers. if the second is even worse then i'm not even going to go there. such a shame because i had such high hopes for this. ;/

Dija Glad I'm not the only one who felt a little disappointed after reading this!

message 4: by Jo (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jo Eesh, don't even pick up Lola then. I couldn't get through that at all!

Sorry you didn't enjoy this one, Aly :(

Dija Just to present an alternate view, Aly, I LOVED Lola. I felt the same way about this one as you, but I ended up enjoying Lola anyway. Maybe you'd feel the same if you gave it a try.

Devyani Nooooooooo .
you break my heart , Aly .

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