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The Seven Year Bitch by Jennifer Belle
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Oct 07, 2011

really liked it
Read in October, 2011

I really liked this book! It was about a woman that wanted a family, baby or babies, work, husband, and she does get it all. The book has some laugh out loud moments as she finds you should be careful what you wish for, you may get it! She goes through life with husband, baby and then another baby and has many ups and downs, and she has a friend who is getting divorced. She even sees a physiciatrist or doctor (I think that is where she got this idea) who says there are different levels (for lack of a better word) to marriage and motherhood and she really takes these to heart. It is as though you don't really get happy with your life until seven years have come and gone. So the title the "Seven Year Bitch".

It's been a while since I've read the book so can't comment a lot on it as I have some short term memory problems, (old age yeah after the big 50 it's the first thing to go, your mind). I just remember that the book had those laugh out loud scenes in it. I could see this book being made into a movie. ~ : )

Here is the information on the back of the book: From the bestselling author of High Maintenance comes a witty, heartfelt comic novel about marriage, motherhood, and discovering that the life you have is exactly the one you want.

Isolde Brilliant used to have a life she recognized. She was working in finance, she had a devoted, if neurotic, husband, and a perfectly acceptable apartment in downtown Manhattan. But once Izzy's wish to become a mother finally comes true, she is laid off from her job, and her old world falls by the wayside. Although she's surprised with motherhood's hidden pleasures-jaunts to the park, bickering with other mothers, and the sense of accomplishment she feels in having made it through her son's first year-her marriage is on shaky ground and she feels lost. She just can't quite get a grip on what to do now that she has all-or most-of the things she's ever wanted.

As Izzy ponders her next move, her best friend announces that she is leaving her husband. Balancing the demands of marriage and motherhood for seven years has made her feel like a nag, a shrew,, and she's determined that the only way out is too leave. Izzy tries to avoid a similar fate, but as new challenges and temptations arise for her, she begins to wonder if there might be some inescapable grain of truth in her friend's outlandish theory.

Full of the poignancy and hilarity that readers have come to expect from Jennifer Belle, The Seven Year Bitch is a smart and provocative novel about learning how to love what you have, and finding out that it's both the hardest thing you've ever done and not so hard after all

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