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Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
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Oct 07, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: mystery-series

Dexter's got killing down to a science. As long as he follows the rules, everything will be fine. Until somebody sees him. Now Dexter has to find the witness before he's exposed, but somehow he's always a step behind. Meanwhile, someone's killing police officers, and Deb expects him to use his killer instincts to help her solve the case. If that weren't enough, something's upsetting Rita, but how can Dexter understand her feelings when he doesn't have any?

This is the sixth entry in the Dexter series, and it's a strong addition. Most of the story revolves around Dexter's search for the witness, with the other plots serving to flesh out the narrative. The supporting characters really don't get to do much. For the most part, they come out, show their quirks, then take a bow and exit stage left. I'm not really sure why Sgt. Doakes is still in the story; he seems to stand around clicking his hooks and grunting menacingly to little effect. Astor, however, does have a great moment as a sociopath-in-training. Girl power!

It's interesting to watch Dexter lose control. The witness is playing a cat-and-mouse game, and for the first time, Dexter is the mouse. There's a certain poetry to it; Dexter is always a step behind because he cannot conceive of anyone ever being a step ahead. His detachment works to his disadvantage - he's being logical while everyone else is emotional, and he can't anticipate the irrational.

For the reader, it's fairly obvious what's going on - how the witness is besting Dexter, what's bothering Rita - the fun comes from wondering how Dexter can possibly be so oblivious. Forensic specialist he may be, but he really needs to start watching procedurals.

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