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The Morganville Vampires, Volume 1 by Rachel Caine
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Oct 09, 2011

really liked it
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Even though I received this back in August for my birthday, I'm just starting it. Mainly because my whole attitude was "Uck. ANOTHER teen vampire book. I swear if I have to read another one of these loathesome, brainless, boring books, I'm going to ram a wooden stake in my eye."

What I said to the gift-giver was "Oh! WOW! Thank you! I've really been wanting to read this one!"

My momma didn't raise no rude girl.

For the most part, anyway.

(Please don't blame her for my momentary lapses. She did her best.)

The gift-giver asked me last weekend if I read it and I guiltily admitted that I hadn't. Rashly I promised it would be next selection in the TBR pile. True to my promise, last night I picked it up and started reading. I was very pleasantly surprised. I haven't gotten far, but I like the characters, I like the premise, I like the voice, I like the writing. We'll see if "like" turns in to "lurve" once I get further in. Or we may decide to break up due to irreconcilable diffs. It remains to be seen.


I'm done with Book 1, Glass Houses, and Book 2, The Dead Girls' Dance.

They were very BuffytVS-esque with a touch of Being Human, but that works for me. I am a huge Buffy and Being Human (BBC version) fan. Instead of Sunnydale On The Hellmouth, the setting is Morganville, Texas. The town would've been better named Vampireville, but that might have seemed a little obvious for its purpose.

I liked the characters right from the beginning. Claire is only sixteen, an advanced placement college student attending Morganville U. as a freshmeat... I mean, freshman. With her brainiac skills, she could've attended MIT or CalTech except for overprotective parents who wanted her to attend a college within driving distance of home.

If protecting their only daughter was their goal, count it as an epic fail. It seems the citizens of Morganville are always looking for new blood.


Just label her a french fry, coat her in ketchup, and toss her into the middle of an Overeaters Anonymous Meeting.

It's only when she and her three housemates, who are townie natives and currently holding the top three slots on the Most Tasty list, bond together that they stand a chance against the forces at work in Morganville.

I ordered book three, Midnight Alley, on my Kindle today.


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