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Cicada by Belle Whittington
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Nov 09, 11

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Read from October 19 to 24, 2011

For 17-year-old Blair Reynolds and her friends, being the bearer of secrets is getting really old. But it’s something she learns to deal with, because there’s no other option. If the people in her small town ever found out what she and her friends discovered in the woods and hid in the storage room, the whole town would be up in arms, literally. You see, folks here don’t believe in aliens from outer space. Besides, if they ever found out what two of those aliens did to one of their own, well, let’s just say what would follow would be all out war.
As the months unfold, their summer becomes consumed with secrets, puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together, and a fight for their lives that leaves one of them at death’s door.

The thing that first drew me towards Cicada, its’ gorgeous cover and book trailer, are also a perfect representation of what makes it such a unique read: its’ beauty. We follow Blair and her friends, who are a year older then she is, through their last Summer together before they go off to college and leave her behind. They have some dorky teenage fun, they discuss their futures beneath the stars alongside the music of the cicadas, and they come across a crop circle which is just the beginning of the weirdness and their struggles.

My issues with Cicada began with the characters. I struggled to feel much of a connection to them, we are simply thrust immediately into their world and expected to care with no real reasons given as to why until much later on in the book and I honestly felt more time could and should have been put into developing the characters and their story. Still, I found myself laughing with them and wondering with them. I also wanted to slap them upside the head at times, but that’s just me. There are a couple of things that go unexplained in Cicada as well which I couldn’t make much sense of. I understand that they will be touched upon again in Firefly (they will, right?!), but it felt incomplete, and the weaving of plot points sometimes felt a little choppy. I also wasn’t fond of how over-protective the guys are of Blair and Natalie. The chivalry is nice, and it does make sense especially considering they are in a small town in Texas, but I really like female characters who can hold their own. To my great joy and relief, Blair does manage that in places and I did really grow to love her as a character as she tried to take matters into her own hands. Sadly the romance fell flat for me until I heard a few songs that Belle sent my way and then it suddenly made more sense. They all have their own stories and purposes and I look forward to Blair’s enlightenment because I need to know what happens!

What I really loved about Cicada, what really pulled me in, was the absolutely wonderful story. It’s well-balanced and the pacing is good once you get into it a little. There are many tense and suspenseful moments that create excitement and plenty of foreboding and secrets, though it’s dark, it never gets too dark as there are a lot of interspersed lighter moments. I haven’t come across a story like Cicada before and by the end I was pining for the next book. I may even have cried out when I realised it had come to an end, and what an abrupt ending! Belle is evil. Trust me on that one. It is the kind of book that grips you in and you don’t quite realise it at first until you find yourself just needing to know what happens. Belle is definitely one to watch, she’s wonderfully imaginative and a good writer.
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Quotes Hannah (Jaedia) Liked

Belle Whittington
“..he was the only one in the world who understood the secret living thing that dwelt in he pit of my stomach...the thing that reared its head from time to time to sear my insides with fear.”
Belle Whittington, Cicada

Belle Whittington
“And I did what I do best. I watched, alone, from the sidelines. I saw.”
Belle Whittington, Cicada

Belle Whittington
“I don't want to die without telling you that I love you," Everett's voice was a faint, wavering whisper, and his lips swollen and bloodied. "I always have.”
Belle Whittington, Cicada

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Hannah (Jaedia) Wow. I was tired when I wrote that, wasn't I? Cicada has its' flaws which is the only reason this wasn't 4 stars. It is a beautiful piece of fiction which is well-worth a read. I'd go as far as to say that you're missing out if you don't. So full of secrets and caring characters, and it's really easy to pick up and get hooked.
I can't wait to have Belle on the blog! It's going to be absolutely fantastic.

There, that was much better, wasn't it?

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