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Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones
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Oct 07, 2011

really liked it
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"Death comes to those who wait. And to those who don't. So either way…"

I could never get tired of our dear Charley Davidson. First Grave on the Right and Second Grave on the Left were both incredibly funny and smart. Third Grave Dead Ahead is no exception. It only took about 10 pages for me to be falling off my chair laughing.

The plot in Third Grave Dead Ahead is similar to the others. Charley gets a case; trying to find a missing person, while dealing with Reyes and the other pain in the butt men in her life. The mystery behind the case isn't particularly hard to decipher. I had most of it figured out well before the end. But this book isn't to be read for the suspense behind the plot; read this for the incredible characters and especially entertaining dialogue. Don't get me wrong, the case is still fun, but the characters make the show.

I can't say enough about the personalities in this series. Charley is, as always, witty, sarcastic and incredibly hilarious. I love how she takes everything lightly in grave situations. It doesn't only get her into trouble, it also makes her brave - which is a must for a PI. And don't fret, Danger and Will also make a few appearances. Her best friend and receptionist, Cookie, is equally entertaining, and she complements Charley like a hand and glove. We meet a few new characters as well that make a great addition to the story. I'm not sure what's going to occur with Donovan, but I'm positive it'll be pretty amusing. At least before it all goes to hell - yes the hell. As for Charley's dad, I don't really understand the length he went through to try to get his way in this novel. I'm getting a bit annoyed by him - he's not very nice, especially after painting a target on Charley's back in the previous book.

Now... Reyes *sigh*, he's more present than in Second Grave on the Left, but he still hasn't really joined the cast of main characters. The coming apocalypse storyline also doesn't progress much. I'm hoping when it does we'll get to see more of him. On the other hand, we did get answers to a few burning questions I had from the previous books: Mistress Marigold and Owen Vaughn. I didn't expect to get both of those revelations in this one , so I was very pleased. I think Owen is a bit psychotic: I understand what happened was awful but to the point of attempted murder…? So I doubt we've seen the last of him.

Third Grave Dead Ahead is no insignificant installment. It's fun, funny and full of charm. If you've enjoyed Charley before, you'll definitely enjoy her again in this one!

"How would you feel about us becoming plumbers? I have a nice crack."

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Dija Great review, Giselle! But I'm wondering why you didn't give it 5 stars? Is it because of the plot?

Giselle Hmm. I'm very picky with my 5 stars sometimes. In this I'd have to say it's because of the predictability of the plot, not enough Reyes, and a few other tiny details - like what her dad did, I didn't understand his reasoning for wanting what he asked of Charley, nor was it explained. I'd have given it a 4.5 if I could.

Giselle I mean, it's a great series. I adore the characters and I Love the humor, but I can't say that they really "blow me away" which is reserved for 5 stars.

Dija I know what you mean exactly. That's how I felt in Second Grave, and it's disappointing to know it continues even in Third Grave. :/ Still, Charley's funny enough that I don't think I could ever hate this series.

Giselle Oh no matter what Charley alone is enough for a 4-star! :) I also really adore the covers they're all so classy and sexy.

Dija Oh, yes, the covers are fantastic! My favorite is this one. I love all the red. :D

Lisa Hoang aka The Consummate Reader nicely done review. :]

Giselle Dija wrote: "Oh, yes, the covers are fantastic! My favorite is this one. I love all the red. :D"

Yes this is my favorite too red is my fav color! :D

Lisa wrote: "nicely done review. :]"

Thank you Lisa! :)

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Love this series! Great review. :) Have you seen the cover for the next one? And did you know she is writing a YA series that comes out in October?

Giselle Christen a.k.a. Goldilox wrote: "Love this series! Great review. :) Have you seen the cover for the next one? And did you know she is writing a YA series that comes out in October?"

Yes on both! :D

Jacqueline Can't wait to read this. Love your reviews. Kind of jealous that you could read it before me :oP

Giselle T'aurais tu mander Jac jte l'aurais preter!! Jpeux still si tu veux ju a Dieppe!

Jacqueline Je l'ai deja d'orderer. c ok je vas dealer avec ma jalousie pi attendre qui arrive. But merci pareil! :)

message 14: by Giselle (last edited Jan 26, 2012 04:11PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Giselle Haha Great! Ca sort soon anyways! :D Eille si tu use Book Depository use le link sur ma site ca me donne de la commission pi tu paye pas plus! ;)

Lauren Am I the only one who thinks that Charley's relationship with Reyes is abusive? I mean from what I've read so far, she doesn't even have a concrete foundation for their relationship and when they do interact, it's either them having sex or Reyes controlling her... I would love to hear what you think!

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