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You Are So Undead to Me by Stacey Jay
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Oct 07, 2011

it was ok
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“My cell rang at ten till six. Jess was talking before I could even say hello.

‘So what are you wearing, the dress or the butt jeans?’ she asked, sounding nearly as breathless as I felt.

This was it: the first night of the rest of my life, the beginning of my social ascension at Carol High School. Pom squad tryouts were a couple of weeks away, but it looked like I was going to be accepted into the ranks of the trendy and gorgeous even before I was issued my official Cougar Pride dance team uniform.

I’d scored a date with the hottest guy in school over a Bunsen burner in junior chem. I was a year ahead and Mr. Hottie a year behind, but it was clearly fate—and not smarts or lack thereof—that had made us lab partners.”

Thus begins the normal tale of Megan Berry, a sophomore at Carol High, who is THIS CLOSE to bagging a senior football quarterback as her date for homecoming. There is only one problem—there is some witch in school who doesn’t want her to go to homecoming with anyone. Megan will have to use her head to figure out who and her powers as a Zombie Settler to keep herself and the school safe from the flesh-eating Reanimated Corpses. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

It’s YA in the sense that Buffy the Vampire Killer is YA. It probably would have been one of my guilty pleasures back in the day. Megan makes typical teen-girl mistakes, for all her extraordinary circumstances. I would call it “Supernatural Chick Lit.” It isn’t YA literature at its finest, but it’s quick read that caused me more than the average eye-rolls, but at the same time, I had to finish it.

Definitely for girls. Girls between 15 and 17, I wouldn’t dare to go older. Unless they aren’t avid readers, but still like the Supernatural genre. It’s very girlie with a capital G. It is almost stereo-typically so, but it seems to make fun of the stereo-type while at the same time forgiving it.

Teachable? Ha! I laugh at the notion. Out loud. It doesn’t really bring much to the table and Megan just gets away with way too much. It’s an easy romance novel with Zombies.

What really, really bothered me about this book, was not the sort of flakey, Buffy-esque character but with Zombies motif. It was the fact that Megan (size 4) constantly made unfavorable self-comparisons to Monica (size 2) about their different dress sizes. It made me angry and it almost caused me to stop reading. However, it didn’t happen often enough to make me throw the book across the room or tear it in half (which is a good thing, considering the copy doesn’t belong to me but my professor.) And it is consistent to the character to bring it up. But I don’t have to like it. Otherwise, it is pretty funny in an over the top way, that is very appealing after trudging through James Joyce or some other mammoth. The ending wasn’t as suspenseful as I would have liked, having figured out who dunit a while before. It’s much shorter than Twilight (I have never read Twilight) so I’d say it’s a good starter for something along those lines. All in all, I found it restful and amusing.

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