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Oblivion Road by Alex McAulay
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Nov 16, 2012

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Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for

Five friends, Jeremy, Courtney, Reyna, Harris, and Melanie, just wanted to have a fun vacation. Skiing on the slopes and just hanging out. Everything was fine until the ride home.

Not knowing what happened, Courtney finds herself on a road with a guy, Jeremy, right beside her. The car the teens were in had crashed and flipped into a ditch, but none of them knows how it happened. All of them are fine, rescuing one another, but having someone rescue all of them seems impossible, especially when everything is isolated and a blizzard is closing in on them. The teens are stranded, with no way to call for help or find their way home -- but at least they have each other.

They all lose hope since there is no way out, that is until they see a van. Unfortunately, the van was once home to prisoners who were being transported, and who have escaped, leaving the drivers behind, dead. Surviving through harsh weather may have been hard, but now trying to stay alive with convicts loose seems much more difficult. Of course, not all convicts are bad, right? At least that is what the one convict says when he stumbles upon the teens.

The convict, J.G., says he was in the army and was only in prison for selling drugs and would not kill anyone, especially the guards. Sure, he may have helped Melanie, with her injured leg, and he knows all the medical terms and possibly a way for the teens to go home. But will the teens stick with him the entire time to be saved, or will they regret ever trusting him? Will all of them find their way home or will only a few make it?

Five teens, oblivious of what lies ahead, of what will happen in the end.

Being stranded and having to survive is Alex MacAulay's forte. In true fashion, being trapped and completely lost has to be the least of anyone's worries since there are more dangers that lurk in every corner. Another hit from MacAulay, who leaves his readers at the edge of their seat, wondering themselves if being stranded would be as exciting as this. Fans of BAD GIRLS and LOST SUMMER will not be disappointed.
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