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Prayers for Rain by Dennis Lehane
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Oct 10, 2011

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Read from October 06 to 10, 2011

I can't decide if I didn't like this that much because I'm not a huge fan of mystery and suspense, or if it's because I started reading the Patrick Kenzie, PI, series at book #5. Oooooor maybe it's because this book just wasn't that good.

The storyline, although an intriguing idea from the synopsis, was really just OK. Compared to Shutter Island, the only other Dennis Lehane book I've ever read, this storyline was outright silly. I mean, a seasoned PI becomes obsessed with avenging the death of a woman he's met only once and briefly at that? Maybe it's my lack of knowledge of the Kenzie character, but that's just not believable to me. Then I was taken on a roller coaster of false leads and wrongful speculations until I lost interest in any of the details and stopped paying attention to any side characters, settings, backstory and pretty much everything other than the dialogue. And I honestly don't feel I lost anything from skipping over about 75% of the descriptive writing and focusing only on the dialogue. To me, that's a sign of a poorly written book.

The reasons for the 3 stars are few, but they still exist. In the end, this was a pretty good PI novel. Silly as it was, it's sometimes fun to read junky books and I'm no snob who only reads literary masterpieces. (In fact, I hardly ever read literary masterpieces.) I cared enough to read through to the end to find out how the story resolved and I wasn't disappointed in the ending. I also enjoyed the romance aspect between Patrick and Angie. At the end of the day, if I were offered the opportunity to read some of the other books in the Patrick Kenzie series, I'd probably give them a try.

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