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Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne
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Jan 15, 12

Recommended for: NO ONE!! Don't want to put them through torture.
Read from January 09 to 15, 2012

Charming. Just charming.

I have never read a book and wasn't able to finish it. Thats saying something.

The things that bugged me.

*The heroin is not a heroin. Her decitions are completly irrational and if that was the authors intention, I am sorry to say that they have failed. I could not distingwish the difference beetween the crappy heroin and one with issues. It didnt just cut it for me.

*Hannah was emotionless...and very selfish. Not caring that she upset so many people--her mom, Daniel (her brother), her best friend, Colin (her boyfriend)--she continued to lie shamelessly and was relieved that it was easier the more she did it. Not to mention that she was dissapointed when she got to Pine House.

*Third, the authors writing didn't paint a clear picture in my mind. I read three pages and had to go back and reread them cause I was like, "Wha....?". I rely on the words and phrases to give me immages to know whats happening. It was also very rushed on the good parts such as her brother. It was very, VERY long on the parts that wanted to make me quit.

*Another point, Hannahs obsesion with the road trip. She was attatched. She saw a picture of the house and was like, "Oh, Colin, we have to go there. It's a very pretty house! This could be our last chance to spend time together before you leave to New York! Isn't it a great idea!?" And Colin was like, "Oh Hannah, let's not get ahead of ourselves, baby. I didn't like that place and I barely remember it." and dissmissed the idea. But nooooo, Hannah goes behind everyones back, (she doesnt even tell Colin where they are going untill they get there. She even packed his bag!!!! I know I wouldn't like my bf/gf going through my stuff without permission, behind my back. Automatic dump.) lied to her mother that was counting oh her to help with her brother, AND drags her friend in. "Can you say that I'm at work and its a very long work far away from the city so that I can go on a romantic gateway with the love of my life to whom I can't even say 'Ilove you?'to? Oh, and tell your dad (her boss) that I am on vacation and can't come to work?" That, in itself, is self-explanitory. (view spoiler)

*Whoever tells me that in the last year (the time they are going out) Colin hasn't been the least bit abusive, I'd say, "You havent read the book and analyzed Hannahs fear of when he's mad." It's fear, people. Although, in this book (or to the part that I have read) he doesnt do anything violent or threatnening towards Hannah, even apologizes for being mad, she is still irrationally afraid of him when he is mad. Alarms, anyone?

*I am not even going to go into "stealing from ones boyfriends house" or "dumping the responcibility that is her brother on someone else".

What I am going to do, is let this book Rest In Peace (RIP). Forever grateful for your death (too bad that statement applies only to me. D:*).
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01/12/2012 page 4
2.0% "NOOOOOO! Don't tell me that their relationship started from inste-love. Please, please, please...."
01/12/2012 page 15
7.0% "Thats it? Where is the rest of David? That wasn't even a page of stuff on him."
01/12/2012 page 19
9.0% "Patiently awating a supernatural element to enter...."
01/13/2012 page 26
12.0% "Whats wrong with going out with a nerdy guy? No, they all have to be "blond-gods" like Colin."
01/13/2012 page 36
17.0% "That was the most pathetic moment that I have read about. Ever. Hannah is seriously getting on my nerves and I cant bring myself to care for her."
01/13/2012 page 49
23.0% "Hannah. I'm not going to sugarcoat this. You have issues, MaJoR IsSuEs."
01/14/2012 page 58
27.0% "If something feels wrong, a normal person would turn around and leave. Since Hanna isn't a normal person, she has to keep going. I swear, by the end of this book, I'm going to punch her."
01/14/2012 page 66
31.0% "You do not just look into someone elses medical cabinet in their own bathroom, in their house. It's concidered rude. Nu-uh. You do not just do that."

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message 1: by Rayne (new) - added it

Rayne I hadn't heard of this one, but judging by your comments, I don't think I was missing out on much XD

Khrystina Rayne wrote: "I hadn't heard of this one, but judging by your comments, I don't think I was missing out on much XD"

You arn't.

I'm thinking of ditching this book. No emotion whatsoever. It's like amotionless Bella Swan all over again.

message 3: by Rayne (new) - added it

Rayne Thanks for the warning.

Khrystina No problem. :)

Miss Clara well, I was planning on reading this because of the story. But if it's that bad, then I won't give it a try.

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