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And Able by Lucy Monroe
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Oct 24, 2011

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Read from October 22 to 24, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Claire - determined, focused, computer genius, a childhood that taught her not to rely on anyone while making her determined to succeed, few friends, Josette (exroommate, until she married Wolf) and a few at the elder care home where she worked, she doesn't worry too much about looks, wears baggy clothes to cover her somewhat large breasts, and she has unruly, red, curly, hair... and... Brett (aka Hotwire)... one of the 3 ex-mercenary soldiers, the one who know the computers the best... of a well off southern family who loved him enough to let him go when he did not follow the family 's way, fell in love 6 years earlier with a daughter of an island of unrest, who died before he got back to her - she put her country ahead of her love for him, and paid the price... and he vowed to never love again, to honor her memory... and since he met Claire when Josette was in trouble, he has been dreaming and painting her, not wanting sex with anyone else...

In this story, they are brought together at Josette's wedding... where he makes it clear to one and all that he isn't ever going to get married/commit to a woman... and yet he finds her attractive. He take her home, makes sure its secure with the new system... and we see their friendship - she overlooks his charm, and treats him like a brother, and he respects her. When her alarm goes off a few days later, because she forgot to put in the alarm code, he realizes that if something were to happen, he was too far away, so he moves into a nearbyhotel. She is finishing her BA (in 3 years), and has a week until finals, and she works at a elder care home, where one resident, whom she considers her friend, asks her to visit withhim... he is having more frequent boughts of forgetfulness and he tells her of his time as a government assassin, and aludes to his kill book. A few polititcians come to visit, and (though we don't know this until later), he speaks with one, confusing him with his father, a potential client who he wanted bought off... and then he dies of a heartattack (even though his heart was healthy), and then someone comes into Claire's home, setting off the alarm, and smothers her - she fights him off with the mace that Brett left for her (all over the house) and a tussle that resulted in her head getting banged... he shows up at the hospital and takes her back to his hotel to care for her... the second day, the pain is bad, but she refuses to take pain meds... and he relaxes her by massaging her body, insisting she keep relaxed, to the point of orgasim... hmmmmm. And he puts the investigation in other's hands, and puts his libido on hold, and helps her study for her finals.

And someone searches her house, men in black show up at the old assassin's funeral, she is attacked at the university again fighting him off, after the test when she went into the bathroom, they go to the beach to celebrate her tests being over, they fly a kite, they get a hotel room, and he tells her about Eleanor and why he won't marry.... she decides to go for it, and let the chips fall where they may... and their passion is tremendous (in spite of it being luke warm when she last tried it in high school)... and he forgets a condom... and his gut tells him she is pregnant... so he starts on a campaign to get her to marry him...

in the mean time, the politician who was at the elder home wants the kill book, as his father tried to contract with him to kill a man who refused to sell a plot of land... and after his death, dad got it and developed it. and yes, it was listed in the kill book, and a no... so they turn it over to the FBI... though the politician does manage to get onto the private plan (with the help of a merc who knew Brett), and plans to drug Claire & Brett, cause the plane to crash and kill them, and he bails out with a parachute. Brett recognizes the smell of his cologne a little late, but soon enough to rescue Claire and capture him

she realizes she loves him... she meets his warm, rich family, she starts to think that perhaps he loves her, but can't name it love - he needs her, he thinks about her, he treats her extrememly right - he painted her for a year before the wedding... and he goes to Washington DC with the other two ex-mercs - talks about her - realizes he does love her, and what he feels for her pales next to Eleanor... and she is pregnant.. and they marry... ahhhhh

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