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The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell
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Oct 25, 11

(Review from the author)
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Merrie Haskell
“Did I never explain to you about love, Reva?' Pa asked. I gave him a look, and he laughed uncomfortably. 'I guess not. Let me put it in a way you'll understand. Love is like stinging nettles. Only they prick from the inside out, starting at your heart and bursting on around. It's worse when it gets here'--he rubbed the bridge of his nose--'then your vision goes a little strange. But eventually the nettles stop stinging--once she agrees to kiss you. But they start right back up again when she agrees to marry you--'
'Pa,' I interrupted, 'that's not love, that's fear.'
Pa shook his head, looking off admiringly in the direction where Lacrimora had disappeared. 'Same thing, in my case.”
Merrie Haskell, The Princess Curse
tags: fear, love

Merrie Haskell
“I held in the sneeze, though, by thinking of the word cucumber. It always works.”
Merrie Haskell, The Princess Curse

Merrie Haskell
Stay in the boat, I told myself, watching them walk up to the pavilion. I'll just stay in the boat. I won't go anywhere near that creature.
But in spite of that wise warning, I climbed out of the boat.
Fine, stretch your legs, I told myself. Just don't follow them.
But of course, I followed them.
You are without question your own worst enemy, I scolded myself, even as I tiptoed after them.”
Merrie Haskell, The Princess Curse

Merrie Haskell
“I understand that you don’t want to marry me,” I said. “I mean, I don’t know why, since I’m simply delightful to be around. But to each his own taste.”
Merrie Haskell, The Princess Curse

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Themacmonster Please write a sequel! I wanna know why happens to the underworld king and revels after she leaves the underworld! And what happens to the princesses now they are free?

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