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The Night She Disappeared by April Henry
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Mar 16, 2012

it was ok
Read on March 10, 2012

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1 1/2 Stars

So, I didn’t like The Night She Disappeared. Which is such a shame because I was REALLY excited about it and I know some bloggers raved about it. To which I want to say: did we read the same book?

I am so sad about this. This book was, lightly put, annoying. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a thriller, because there was literally zero thrilling points, and a mystery, which fizzled down from page one until the very end.

There are SEVEN (7!) points of views for this book. SEVEN. You have Gabie and Drew, who have large parts of narrating, then you have Kayla and her kidnapper, who too, have more than a handful of chapters. All four of those people make a reappearance narrating chapter. Then there’s Gavin, who has one chapter, and he’s a diver, and that chapter has no significance of plot to me, and Todd and… some other kid. SEE. I can’t even remember his name, because a) he doesn’t come up again and b) he has no SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PLOT! Todd and the other kid were lumped together in a chapter, and they find the car and abandoned pizzas on the road. Le sigh. The latter three’s chapters are told in third person present tense which if you know, I hate. I hate it so much.

But let’s get back to the POVs—SEVEN. DUDE. Seven! That is five too many. Maybe even six. God, I can’t even wrap my freaking head around it. The more people you have narrating, the less mystery and secrets you can have floating around the book. AND IT DOESN’T WORK TO HAVE SEVEN NARRATORS IN A MYSTERY. IT JUST DOESN’T. Not to mention, Gabie, Drew, and Kayla all sound the same; their chapters are written in first person present. I didn’t know who the frack was talking half of the time. It just doesn’t freaking work and I wanted to break my iPad.

Gabie and Drew have. No. freaking. Chemistry. Between them, and yet, AND YET, they kiss. The kiss multiple times. Gabie gets drunk and takes off Drew’s shirt, and then takes off her own. And still there is no chemistry. NONE. NONE! I hated Drew, honestly. He was annoying as a character, always kicking himself when he was down. And Gabie. Oh Lord, Gabie. On page 18, re: Kayla being kidnapped and that it wasn’t her
I'm suddenly glad for my dirty blond hair and my face that still breaks out even though I'm seventeen.

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING. One, you are beautiful no matter what your hair color is! (because Gabie is commenting on Kayla’s gorgeous black hair) and two, THAT IS SO FREAKING INSULTING TO ME. *picks up blond hair* Plus, you’re seventeen. You’re a teenager who works in a pizza place. You’re going to freaking breakout. Uh, I break out and I’m way older than you. You breakout no matter how freaking old you are. It happens. It’s a way of life, get over yourself, Gabie. I don’t like you.

The plot… oh man, the plot. Do you know that April Henry based this book on a true story? Yup. It says so right here. The plot was fascinating—but I hated that a certain somebody killed themselves because everybody thought he kidnapped Kayla and killed her. I hated the cops. I hated the stupid psychic who was WRONG. I HATED HER. She babbles on and on about how she was right about this case, and in the end, she isn’t, she’s a liar, she needs to go to hell. But back to the actual plot; the kidnapper has no real motivation to take Kayla/Gabie. Just that Gabie is… perfect? The one for him? I don’t even.

The only thing that kept me reading was the hook—it sunk its claws into me and didn’t let go until I was finished. I read it in a day, all while snarking about it on Goodreads. I would advise skipping this one, but if you want a really good mystery, try Lisa and Laura Roecker’s The Liar Society or if you love science fiction, Beth Revis’ Across the Universe (and A Million Suns, book two).
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03/10/2012 page 16
7.0% "meh... I don't really like when authors explain history. Let me figure it out myself!"
03/10/2012 page 18
8.0% ""I'm suddenly glad for my dirty blond hair and my face that still breaks out even though I'm seventeen." WHAT. Jesus. My face breaks out and I'm in my twenties. Christ, I know people in their FORTIES who are still breaking out."
03/10/2012 page 32
13.0% "argh. I hate third person present tense so much."
03/10/2012 page 44
18.0% "And... We have Kayla narrarating. I think that's six people so far."
03/10/2012 page 50
21.0% "Seven. The kidnapper gets to talk, too. X____x"
03/10/2012 page 96
40.0% "meh..."
03/10/2012 page 109
45.0% "GOOD GOD. really? There is NO chemistry between you and Drew, and you decide to kiss him?"
03/10/2012 page 190
79.0% "I thought Gabie and Drew would be trying to find Kayla, yet fifty pages left and they haven't done anything. Also, out of the seven narrators, only four make a reoccurrence. Wtf?"
03/10/2012 page 240
100.0% "OMG IT'S OVER."

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message 1: by Chloe (new)

Chloe I definitely agree. I ended up giving up on the book because the beginning was sooooo boring and had no thrill or suspense.

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