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Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck
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There are very few books that leave me feeling the way this did! There's that saying that, 'you may forget what someone did or said, but you will never forget the WAY they made you FEEL'....Well, that's the way this series is for me. There may be some annoyances I have with it, such as the long explainations Mr. Kaddam always gives Kelsey about the myths, ect., and the Golden Fruit that can magically produce any kind of beverage or food for you, and the Divine Scarf that can make any type of cloth item. It just makes me roll my eyes and seems too convenient. But I can put those little annoyances aside for the WAY I FEEL when reading this series!

It's a nice, sweet story of falling in love, quests and adventure. But there is a lot more to the story and the characters and the emotional conflicts they have going on. I love the emotional/conflict/angst aspect of this. I really like how Kelsey doesn't just fall head-over-heals for Ren. She questions her feelings and doubts the truth of his. She takes a step back and thinks about the consequences of starting a relationship with him. I think she has a lot more strength and sense than many other YA heroines. I really enjoy how Kelsey and Ren butt heads sometimes! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! The ending will have you wanting to read the sequel!
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Bluerose's  Heart Hmmmm.....now I'm debating whether to read this one now or wait until I have all 3.

Heather Oh you probably want to wait until you have all three books because each one ends on a heart-wrenching cliff-hanger, especially the 2nd one!

Sandie Mixa Okay Heather, based on your recommendation (and my daughter's) I'm ready to dig in to this series. You haven't steered me wrong so far. I LOVED Legacy and Alliance like you did. btw I didn't know this author is LDS :)

Cindy Just wait until book two, hope you have it on hand. I think it is my favorite so far. I so like both guys *happy swoon* Glad you liked it:D

Heather Oh I've already read all 3 books! I'm just re-reading them to get ready for the 4th coming out next month!:) I love them!!

Cindy lol, do you have a favorite book? Are you team Ren or Kirshan? I like them both for different reasons. I just can't seem to choose:)

Heather My favorite so far was Voyage. In the first 2 books I found myself skimming a little at the adventure/quest parts just to get back to the relationships part of it, but in Voyage I really loved the descriptions of the quests they went on. And I know a lot of people seem to be getting tired of the love-triangle and hope in the 4th one that is resolved, but for me, I just love it and don't want it to be resolved yet because that's a big part of the story and it would be boring otherwise if things were just going perfectly! I'm team Ren! I like the bad-boy part of Kishan more than the poem-reading side of Ren, but I still think she should be with Ren and it breaks my heart when she chooses Kishan over Ren when Ren gets his memory back, and yet I don't want Kishan hurt either! I'm so excited for book 4!!

Cindy Me too! Hurry up book four. I agree I think Ren is better for Kelsey. She is so indecisive, but it does make the book interesting never a dull moment. I like Kishan's edgy side as well, but Ren is sweet and and awesome too *sigh* glad I don't have to choose! lol

Heather Sandie wrote: "Okay Heather, based on your recommendation (and my daughter's) I'm ready to dig in to this series. You haven't steered me wrong so far. I LOVED Legacy and Alliance like you did. btw I didn't know ..."

Somehow I missed this message. I'm so glad you loved this and the Legacy series!! The 4th one of Tiger's Curse comes out Sept. 4th and then the last one of the Legacy Series comes out Oct. 23rd!! I already have them both pre-ordered.:D

Kathy ~ Bookworm Nation Is this really being made into a movie??? How exciting!

message 11: by Heather (last edited Oct 18, 2012 09:55AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Heather Kathy wrote: "Is this really being made into a movie??? How exciting!"

Yes, it even says so at the Author's Website!:D Anyway, the rights to it have been bought by a major motion picture Co., and they signed on the writer for the show "Vampire Diaries" to write the screenplay for it!

Cindy That is really exciting!! This series would make a great Movie, and so would our Legacy series. As for the actors who would you guys see being Ren, Kishan, Kealsey, Mr. Kamdan?

Kathy ~ Bookworm Nation Oh, I love vampire diaries! I think the writing on the show is awesome, it'd be great if they did the movie!! As for actors, hmmm. Do you like Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) for Kelsey?

Cindy Oh yay, Lily Collins would be good. My tiger boys are harder to figure out. I will have to keep pondering:D

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