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A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James
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Oct 21, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: chick-lit
Read in October, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** I'm glad I didn't read this one first. I really enjoyed all the characters. I hated all the unsavory people mentioned and was so glad they all got their just rewards. That was terribly satisfying. I did have a problem with the plot though. Kate's illegitimate sister has gotten herself pregnant from her fiance, but to marry him they need the permission of his uncle, the prince. Unfortunately, she has just received a bite on her lip (making her "unprecentable") from one of her untrained dogs (known by the household as the "rats")
Since Kate somewhat resembles her sister, her wicked step mother dresses her up and sends her with the fiance, Algie, to get permission from the prince. The problem is, they don't really look that much alike and they act NOTHING alike. Which makes for an interesting story. Except...the one person she is trying to fool (the prince) figures out on day 2 that it's Kate in disguise as her sister. Now, that is funny in, itself, however the problem I had is that, once the prince figured it out, why was she still pretending? By then, she had only "met" 3 or 4 people. The prince demanded that she stay and go to his betrothal ball, but couldn't she have just told everyone that her sister had taken ill and she was there in her place, to get the prince's permission? I just don't understand why she continued with the hoax. That part really bugged the crap out of me.
The story though, was quite entertaining, to watch the prince struggle with his desires versus his duty was just fabulous. And Wick (the prince's illegitimate brother) and Henry (Kate's hilarious godmother) were my favorite side characters. I was thrilled to find that Wick has his own novella (can't wait to read that!) but I really wish we could read one about Henry. She's such a fabulous character and her life has seemed so full and fascinating. I would love to read more! Her marriage to her current husband cracked me up. The relationship they had was so funny. Even though she complained about Leo frequently, it was obvious what a great relationship they had. Particularly right before the boat capsized:

“The problem is one of timing,” Leo said in a different tone of voice, sitting up. “Are you dripping with diamonds tonight?” he asked his wife.
“No,” Henry replied. “Well, I have the big emerald and I’m afraid my ear bobs aren’t firmly attached.” She pulled them off in a businesslike fashion. “You’d better take them.” She handed over her jewels and hitched Coco so firmly against her bosom that the normally quiet dog gave a little yelp of protest. “Hathaway, you’re in charge of my goddaughter. And Dimsdale, you have Effie.”
“Why?” Effie asked in alarm. “What do you mean, Lady Wrothe?”
“Leo’s very good at this sort of thing,” Henry said, “and if he thinks—”
But at that very moment a boat loomed up, except that it didn’t slide sweetly past their prow. Instead it slammed right into their side. For a second, it looked as if they would be fine. The boat tilted wildly, but righted itself.

Leo barely said anything, but she knew from his tone to react urgently and trust him immediately. That one scene, to me, was a clear example of the kind of relationship their marriage is. I really liked that.

Eloisa James writes like no other author I've ever read. Her story has a quick pace to it along with excellent wit and conversation between her best characters. Simply fascinating and highly entertaining!

This is a classic example:

“I’m very fond of unquestioning adoration,” Henry said. “One can’t have too much of it, from dogs or men.”

Ideally, I'd like to keep a pad and pen next to me when I read, so I can jot down all the best quotes, but I know even then, there would just be too many. She has a real knack for wording things eloquently humorous.

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