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Destined by P.C. Cast
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Oct 30, 2011

really liked it

I cant wait for more Heath <3
"Sometimes I think I should have been the one to die and Heath should have been the one who stayed with you. He believed in love a lot more than I do."
Deepest. Smartest. Most thoughtful. thing Stark said the ENTIRE book. I've always been rooting for Heath but Stark was definatly a close second until I read this. Awesomesauce? Are you freakin kidding me? That is NOT was Stark would have said in any of the other books even if he was trying to make Zoey feel better. Plus I know he's a teenage guy but did he have to be thinking about sex EVERYTIME he was in the book. Ridiculous.
*Deep breathe* I don't know about you..but I feel better now.

Anyway this was an awesome enstallment in the House of Night series. I just wish it wouldn't have been so repeatative and I wouldn't mind more Aphrodite and Darius. I love them:)
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Kimberly Ummm NOOO!! Team Stark <3

Brie Come on even Stark lovers have to admit he wasn't that great in this one. Heath one the other hand.... :)Lol

Elaine lol thank you Brie!! :)
My thoughts exactly!

Brie :) I like the way you think Elaine lol

Kimberly The only thing wrong with Stark in this book is that Kalona has some freaky connection to him and it's messing with Stark. The series was better without Heath. Zoey should only end up with one guy. And it should be Stark in my opinion. Can we at least agree that she should end up with just one guy??

Brie Oh defiantly. Only three more books until we figure out who it is. I admit it will probably be Stark but I can't help but hope its Heath. He's a sweetheart:)

Kimberly It'll probably end up being Heath because Nyx promised him that him and Zoey were gonna end up together. I just hope I'm wrong lol

Kimberly Heath seems more like the best friend whose always gonna be there for her type not the I'm so in love with you I can't live without you type like Stark is

message 10: by Brie (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brie Really? I don't remember that. So there's hope! Lol. I see your point but having your true love and your best friend whose always there for you be the same person seems like the jack pot to me.

Elaine The one day of not checking my notifications and i miss an entire conversation , that should have had my opinion in there..somewhere...:)
Anyway, Kimberley i think you are right...she will end up with Heath , I remember when they were in Nyx's underworld ,Heath showed maturity ,selfless love and strengh, enough to let her go, when she wanted to stay...I am not sure if Stark would have done the same thing.. what do you guys think..and dont crucify me! :)

message 12: by Brie (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brie I agree completely it's that whole if you love them let them go thing everyone talks about. I Think stark's a good guy and obviously loves Zoey cause he's willing to die for her and all. Then again Heath kinda sorta did die for her by letting her go then was willing to be put into something evil to protect her that's going above and beyond. I just don't understand how she'll end up with just one without one of them dying. Heath+Zoey=Soulmates. Stark+Zoey=warrior bound for life. It's a dilemma.

Kimberly stark even admitted he couldn't have done it. And not just because he loved her. He's her guardian. If anything happens to her it will literally destroy him. His role is all about honor and protection and understanding. Sadly, she will most likely end up with Heath and stark will just be her protector because he knew when he accepted himself as her guardian that he might not be the one she loves. It just sucks because he loves her and Heath will never really understand her the way Stark does, even with an imprint. A warrior connection is stronger. I just don't like Heath very much. I haven't fro the very first book. He seems very child-like and dumb most of the time. He did show maturity while in the otherworld and hopefully that will make him a better character in the up coming books because if he's still dumb old Heath I'll want him to die again lol

message 14: by Brie (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brie Lol I totally get why you didn't like Heath in the beginning he was a jerk but for me that's part of the appeal. He grown and changed so much just to stay with Zoey. He had no tragic past(that I can remember. I need to reread) that forced him to grow up too fast like Zoey and Stark. I also don't think he's dumb he just doesn't understand everything about the vampyre world because he is..or was human. I just hope Aurox doesn't take as long to fight off his evil side as Rephiam did haha.

message 15: by Brie (last edited Nov 17, 2011 01:24PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brie I don't know if Stark knows her better because of their bond. Heath grew up with her so he knows who she is as a person really well. I'd say they're about equal. Stark can sense her emotions through the bond but Heath knows her well enough to know without a neon sign flashing which emotion she's feeling.

Elaine Hmmmm eventhough i am team Heath, it is a tough call to make between Heath and of them has to die, or she might die with one of them....reminds me of Harry Potter lol
You guys think Heath was a jerk??i dont remember that but i do remember Stark being a jerk and when vampyre guys are being jerks ...they get super bad.I really dont know , i am confused.Then there is Stark conversing with evil Stark like they are friends ? And then you have Heath fighting against the biggest evil ever! and he did not have some warrior/guardian bond to help him along , he just had pure love and that was enough for him to end up not hurting Zoe.

message 17: by Brie (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brie Ya the end where he stopped himself from hurting them before the darkness took over was perfect. Heaths soul almost conquered evil in one book! I remember the whole drinking and Kayla incident with Heath but people make mistakes. Well when she first met Stark as a blue vampyre he was a good guy then he died and became evil Stark who was scary. Then he fought it off. Ah man! They're like exactly the same I guess we could argue both sides forever and no one would come out on top. *Sigh* I still love Heath.

Kimberly And I still love Stark <3 lol

Elaine yeah , Heath and Stark are both Pretty Awesome.I am sure we can agree on that,lol

Kimberly They are definitely better than Eric lol

Linda I totally agree it should have been more Aphrodite and Darius!! I just gotta say zoey needs to realize that life is hard and you can't always have what you want.

Duckfluff965(i ♥ Heath) I love heath too brie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg hes the cutest/hottest guy evaaaa i luv himmm

Duckfluff965(i ♥ Heath) Team heath
Who wouldnt wanna go out with a quarterbackk

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