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Darkness Rising by Keri Arthur
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Oct 26, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from October 22 to 23, 2011

In a thrilling new series where the heroine is the only one who can find the keys to hell and the winged supernaturals are far from angelic, Darkness Unbound and Darkness Rising are the "must read" new releases of 2011.

Darkness Rising, book 2 in Keri Arthur's new Dark Angel series, picks up pretty soon after Darkness Unbound. Risa is physically mostly recovered from her experiences in Darkness Unbound, but she is still struggling with grief. Seeking vengeance, Risa made a deal with the head of the vampire council and now has to investigate murders of council members and fend off threats from her father and other evil Aedh's who need Risa to find the keys to the afterlife.

I really love this series, the world is complex, dangerous, technology savvy, and sensual at the same time. The characters all have some paranormal ability, and those abilities are diverse and interesting. The Aedh and the reapers are energy beings, their primary form is that of mist or energy and they can exist on the astral plane, what the characters call the "gray fields." As a half-Aedh, Risa is able to travel to the gray fields, and she is much sought out for this ability. She is very unique in her abilities, but she is also easy to relate to. She is a young woman who loves her friends and family, and she would like nothing more than to live a "normal" life. For those of you who are Riley Jensen fans, know that Risa is not as sexual. Risa is still part wolf (in this world werewolves are extremely sexual beings), and not shy about sex, but at the same time, she is more reserved than Riley was. When it comes to finding answers and protecting those she loves, Risa pushes her own limits and often risks seriously hurting herself. Risa is loyal, sexy, and smart and I have decided that she is a new favorite heroine.

Risa is so busy dealing with the vampire council and figuring out how to read her father's book that she does not have a lot of time for romance. Lucian, her fallen Aedh lover is out of town for a good portion of the book, and his behavior is questionable, to say the least. At the same time, the sexy reaper who is assigned to follow Risa around, Azriel, is developing more human tendencies. He begins to have a sense of humor and relate to Risa more, but he is still very stubborn and secretive. There is definitely some sexual tension between the Risa and Azriel, and that tension kept me hoping for more.

Darkness Rising is an excellent sequel to the Dark Angels series. This is the type of series where every book pulls you deeper into the story and promises so much for the next installment. Darkness Unbound held promise for a gripping new series, and Darkness Rising delivers. Paranormal and Urban Fantasy readers, you really do not want to miss this series.
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