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Tamed by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
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Oct 04, 2011

really liked it

I reviewed this book for Romance Reader At Heart website.


James, Duke of York, is crowned King of England, Scotland, and Ireland in the year of our Lord 1685. Callum MacGregor, clan chieftain of the MacGregors, is at the king's court for the occasion with his wife Kate and his children, Tristan, Colin and Mairi. Rob, his eldest son, stayed back home in Camlochlin.

As the story opens, Callum has decided that Kate and he will head back home, but since it's still very dangerous in that neck of the woods, he's come to the conclusion that Mairi and Colin would remain in the king's court. Our heroine is not so happy about this order from her father, but she has no choice but to obey. Headstrong, clever and brave, our heroine is also on a mission to unearth the truth behind the betrayal of the Highlanders and their religious persecution. Now that she's stuck in the same place as Connor Grant, a man who left her seven years ago, she's determined to stay out of his way, accomplish her mission, and as soon as possible head back home to Camlochlin.

Connor Grant left his home in the Highlands seven years ago to serve the English King Charles II. It is now seven years later, and our hero is a Captain in the army and serving a new king, the Catholic King James. Seeing the girl he loved who has now grown into a beautiful woman, is very hard for our hero. Leaving his Highlands and his love was something he never got over, but he had no choice in the matter, as duty called for him to serve his king. It hurt him greatly that Mairi couldn't accept nor understand his duty. She refused to join him there, and now she is here and he knows that he'll never regain his peace, especially after her father asks him to look after her!

As these two try to deal with their reunion, we're treated to their back and forth banter, and the love they still feel but are not willing to admit to each other. Throw in some court intrigue and treachery, and we have a well written, very accurate account of the Stuart dynasty and highly entertaining love story.

There are so many reasons to recommend TAMED BY A HIGHLANDER. Ms. Quinn has penned a fast-paced, well developed, very vivid and true-to-history romance. Our heroine was likable despite her stubborn and determined nature, and our hero was a man of honor who would not give up on one woman that he knew would never be out of his blood. Ms. Quinn does an awesome job of painting a picture with her words. Through her writing, this period and time come to life, and we feel the passion, fear, the intrigue and the deception, and pray for a happy ending for these childhood sweethearts.

I wish I'd read the previous two books, or maybe I should say three, which would include LAIRD OF THE MIST, Kate and Callum's HEA. Usually these books are written so you really don't need to read them in order, but in this case, I wish I had read the previous stories because they would've helped me understand the family dynamic a bit better.

The Children of the Mist series are stories of the happily-ever-after of four children of LAIRD OF THE MIST's Callum and his wife Kate. RAVISHED BY A HIGHLANDER is Rob's story; SEDUCED BY A HIGHLANDER is Tristan's; TAMED BY A HIGHLANDER is Mairi's; and CONQUERED BY A HIGHLANDER will be Colin's. Needless to say, all of the others are now on my Wish List, and I'm looking forward to reading them all--in order.


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