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The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon Boys by Scott William Carter
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Oct 03, 11

Book Review- “The Last Great Getaway Of The Water Balloon Boys”
By Codi Bryan

“The Last Great Getaway Of The Water Balloon Boys” By: Scott William Carter is about a student who is kind of nerdy. He really doesn’t have a lot going for him. He is not good at sports, doesn't fit in with the popular crowd, and he can’t really talk to girls, which is what gets him into more trouble than ever. He accidentally gives, Tessa Boone, a love note he wrote for her. There are two problems. One is that she is one of the prettiest girls in school and the other one is that her boyfriend is one of those kids that could snap Charlie Hill in half with his pinky. So he runs in to a tough situation, but just in the nick of time his long lost friend comes to the rescue and picks him up. The only problem is that the car he picked him up in was stolen; stolen from the principal of the school.

This book reminds me a lot of the world we live in today. I see this happening all time in everyday life. A nerdy kid tries to get with a hot girl and it turns out bad for that guy. The author makes it feel like I am in the setting following these characters around as they go through their journeys in the story. If I close my eyes I see it all in front of me from when he is getting beat up, to when they are running from the cops. The book takes place in a flashback. He is at a modern day high school in the beginning of the story but as the story progresses he travels across country to complete his “quest”, as they call it in the book.

Scott William Carter makes it all seem so real. I think it’s because it is something thing that could happen. It’s not just that the narration is so perfect. The way he uses the dialect and how he makes each character speak, the language is high school slang appropriate. They sound like real high school students and I love it. I like all the characters because I can connect to them on an age basis. The way the characters think and talk is the way I often do. It definitely changes the way I feel about the book in a positive way. If I don’t connect with the characters then the book won’t be as exciting to me. Charlie, the main character in this book, does something that he regrets, he looks back and then thinks about the opportunity he had to make a better decision but like me, he doesn’t. Jake, who is a friend of Charlie, is always trying to get Charlie to do something daring, to take a risk and to “live a little” he once told him.

I think the author is trying to get the message across that you need to do what is in your heart and you need to fulfill your passion , no matter how long you have to go to do it , or how hard the journey is going to be. I think the theme of the book is a human experience. He makes this clear as both of the main characters are on a “quest” and they have to go through crazy obstacles to get there. They go through everything from running so the police don’t see them to staying in a cheap motel. It reminds me of how you should never give up on your dreams and “A Dream Differed” is useless. The theme is very clear throughout the whole story.

I love this book. I think it is was very realistic and entertaining. I liked how the author used dialogue between the characters to show that, that was how they talked and the words they used. I also liked how when you think they are safe and good, something happens to mess it up and it excites you and makes you want to read on to see what happens. It’s like I never want to put down the book.


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