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Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry
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Oct 05, 11

Read in October, 2011

Dust and Decay is the sequel to Rot and Ruin, and manages to be just as was action filled Rot and Ruin. Despite the fact that, at 519 pages, it is pretty long, it never slows down or gets boring. But then, what do you expect in a zombie apocalypse?

Dust and Decay is set in the desolate Rot and Ruin, a land with no laws where zombies are everywhere and the other humans can be worse than the zombies. After 7 months of training to fight zombies, Benny and Nix are preparing to leave town forever with Benny's older brother Tom and Lilah the lost girl, and set off across the Rot and Ruin in search of the mysterious plane they saw in Rot and Ruin. Chong, Benny's best friend decides to come with them for a bit, before heading back to town. However, things do not go as planned, and after narrowly escaping a rhino, the crew runs into a shady fellow named Preacher Jack and a discovery which could change everything they know about the world they live in.

Before they have time to contemplate this though, they find themselves separated and fighting for their lives as their plans unravel around them. It turns out someone has set up a new Gameland, and that someone wants revenge on all of them.

Benny is a great, flawed, character who is a great guy... but makes mistakes like any teenage boy. At one point he loses his temper and almost ruins everything... but hey, everyone makes mistakes. He's a nice guy and loyal to his friends. His brother Tom is pretty much his total opposite. Tom is a constantly calm, even-tempered, kick ass zombie hunter. Along with Benny and his brother are Benny's friends Nix and Chong and Lilah the mysterious lost girl who spent most of her life alone in the Rot and Ruin. All of these characters were intriguing and likable.

The villains were equally well crafted, and proved to be more scary than the fields of zombies. Although, the zombies had their moments too.

Overall, I loved this book. It was excited and action-filled and I can't wait for the next one (although I was sad when one of my favorite characters died). I would recommend this series to both boys and girls aged 12 and up.

Rating: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Premise: 9/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Plot: 10/10
Writing: 8/10

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