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A Bitter Truth by Charles Todd
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this book moves slower than molasses on a chilly day.


besides the initial conflicts of 1. not having read the first two books in the series and 2. not really knowing what a nursing sister is (and thus imagining some sort of sally fields-esque flying nun with a stethoscope),i was initially suckered into this story by the sheer strength of the syntax.

A Bitter Truth: A Bess Crawford Mystery begins strongly enough - rain, an abused woman, an invitation. i don't know. i just never connected to the plot the way i'd hoped to. by the time i got to the whole murder-thang (with bess becoming suspect number one), i began to feel trapped in a WWI edition of "Murder She Wrote." you know, the one where jessica finally gets suspected of being the murderer while the kaiser continues his plans for dominance.

yeah, that episode kind of sucked, too.

point of fact: i had to muster the enthusiasm to finish the novel - which, considering i managed to get through all four Twilight books is REALLY saying something.

this is the second recommendation i've taken from goodreads (based off some list or another) and i'm not really feeling the love yet.

maybe third time's the charm?

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Jess I'd like to point out that it's REALLY not hard to deduce what a nursing sister is.

Lauren Fidler It's not. It was just annoying. And poorly paced. My point was that from the start it was problematic and it never really got better. Also I was trying to be cute but I guess I could see how you'd misread my intent so literally

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