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Travel Team by Mike Lupica
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Oct 02, 2011

really liked it

I thought this book was a very interesting book;I could relate the story to my own personal life. The book was about an undersized middle school boy named Danny who's father was an idol in their town. The reason his father was greatly admired was because when he was younger he led the same team that he tried out for to a national championship. Also, his father Richie Walker was in the NBA when a tragedy destroyed his career, for he was involved in a car accident, and his leg was smashed. After the accident, Richie could never play again. When dealing with this tragedy, he left his wife and son, in which his son Danny who had made the travel team for three years was cut this year because he was too short. Danny was one of the best players in the whole town. The man responsible for cutting Danny was the coach, Mr. Ross. Mr. Ross who had a son named Ty Ross was definitely the best player in the state. Ty had broke his hand during a scrimmage against the Warriors, and it was Danny's fault. Danny was a good friend of Ty, and was sad for many days. Danny, who rarely saw his father, was playing basketball in his front yard when he heard comments about his shot. He turned to see his father, Richie Walker. Richie may of found the real reason for Danny not making the team. Richie Walker and Mr. Ross had a strong dislike for each other. Richie felt he needed to take action, therefore; he made a team who's name later became the Warriors. The team was full of kids who were told they couldnt make the team for the wrong reasons. These reasons being that they were either too skinny, too fat, or too short. The warriors' main players were Danny; his bestfriend Will; and a huge boy named Matt. Before the boys' practice began, the girls team practiced first. On the girls team, there was a girl whose name was Colby Daanes. She was a natural, and later on became a part of the warriors. However, the warriors had almost given up hope after losing all of their first nine games. Then, one day they played a team smaller than theirs, and won by a landslide, gaining their confidence. Their coach, being a big part of their winning streak, got into another car accident after the game, and was taken to the hospital. There was no one to coach the Warriors, so Danny became the coach of the team. As soon as the playoffs started, Ty Ross was able to play again. The first team Danny played was the Vikings, who happened to be Mr. Ross' team. On a cold day, Ty approached Danny and said, "I want to be on your team". Danny and Ty played great together, and together they beat the Vikings. They had won the championship. Danny had done it, just as his father did.

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