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The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner R. Dozois
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Oct 08, 2011

it was ok
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The Year's Best Science Fiction #21 2003 pub 2004 edited by Gardner Dozois, who added blithery prefacing paragraphs, and blathery verses (who is Janis Ian?) I fast tired of. John Varley bases The Bellman mystery on steakplant, Lunar version of meat, not sure if his was one that sticks nastily about cannabalistic mother and babe, sole survivors in a lost spacecraft. Walter Jon Williams solves world hunger, economy and realdeath in a spy-suspense double plot. Why is boyfriend of mourning researcher with wings and gills still alive? Where did now-famous thinker disappear for weeks before announcing novel theories that allowed global economy to survive collapse right after Green Leopard Plague mysteriously appeared and infected human skin to enable energy absorption plantlike from sun?
She secretly murdered adulterous previous lover, slays new version rebooted in pure hot love with her state, and plans to torture future uploaded smitten innocent copies. Post-Soviet secret lab worker who also volunteered in African refugee camp entangled philosopher before his conference.]
My favorite was Calling Your Name by Howard Waldrop, first person grandpa Edward, crotchety missing his late wife, gets zapped in the garage and wakes up in an alternate reality. Exasperated, he zaps again.
His new reality has his beloved wife, and he immediately makes up the argument that drove him out.]
Welcome to Olympus Mr. Hearst by Kage Baker tells how the 1926 eccentric millionaire became immortal with futuristic technology.
Geoffrey Landis, Eyes of America, televideos in alternate history 1904 with Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Einstein for president, and Tesla aiding his competitor is one of some clever plots, not strange, sad, confusing or dull like the others. The biggest factor that kept me from trying another collection is feeling pushed by an agenda: Old news AIDS, male pregnancy, and Janis Ian, singer and author. Doesn't - They don't love me so I'm a rebel then they'll give me lots of money - seem a tad contradictory?
1967 (Society's Child - rejects black boyfriend)
1975 (At Seventeen - unloved (13 didn't scan as well))
2011 love Welcome Home Same-sex marriage

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10/02/2011 page 107
15.0% "Off On A Starship gives every nerd heaven. Barton narrates as orphanish smalltown geek, boards unmanned alien space drone, exits on far empty planets, misses takeoff. Tiny robot befriends -spoiler- cares for him, transforms into toddler girl pal image, matures fast, "marry" (f- lots), return to Earth and take pioneers to settle all planets, empty. It's All True - Orson Welles, The Ice - Gordie Howe clone, YAWN"
10/05/2011 page 704
100.0% "My favorite was Calling Your Name by Howard Waldrop. First person, grandpa Edward, crotchety missing his late wife, gets zapped in the garage and wakes up in an alternate reality. Exasperated, he zaps again. Hidden agenda pushing passe AIDS, male pregnancy & Janis Ian ... I don't like being pushed."

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