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Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg
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Oct 02, 2011

This book is about a board game that comes to life when you start it. While you play the game, all of the things come to life. For example one of the kids rolls the dice and lands on a space that says lions attack move back 2 spaces. Unexpectedly, the kids turn around and see a lion sitting on their piano. The only way for the animal to disappear is if the kids finish the game. After many more exciting things happen the kids finally finished the game and all of the animals went back into the game. Then the parents came home and asked the children how their night was and they told their parents all of their adventures but no one believed them and they just laughed.

This book is very exciting and would be good to read to students. The pictures are al done in black and white, but they portray exciting events that children would enjoy looking at. I read this book to a 5 year old. He was intrigued by the story and loved that the animals in the game would come to life. I think that it teaches a good lesson of needing to listen to instructions. If the kids had played the game and not read the directions, they would not have known that they would have to finish the game for the animals and everything to disappear.

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