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Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon
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Dec 25, 11

Read from October 02 to December 14, 2011

Sydney Sheldon
Three Stars

Simple Narrative…
Good story…

Story Proper:

Sam Roffe had died. Elizabeth as the daughter of Sam, who leaves no option; made Elizabeth a heiress to a mammoth company instituted by her grandfather, Samuel Roffe. Roffe and Sons, is a family business; a huge pharmaceutical company whose stocks are private, and the head as the one who has the only power to decide on the dynamics of the stocks, privy to keeping the business in their family only.

Now, as Elizabeth runs the company, and Sam was dead; cash-hungry aspirators who belittle Elizabeth’s prowess wants the company go public so that they can claim and sell their stocks for their own necessities.

Walther Gassner

Charles-Roffe Martel

Ivo Palazzi

Alec Nichols

Rhys Williams

One of them will take a risk and will do whatever possible ways are available to get what he wants. All of them has motives but only one of them is responsible for the attempts in downing the company: the consecutive suspicious accidents that scars Roffe and Sons reputation, threat in Elizabeth’s life and possible murder of Sam Roffe.


Sydney Sheldon told his tale in a plain view sight, simple narration, simple words but superb story. Fast paced but not the kind that will leave you breathless. It will not even let you think because too much foreshadowing is given, but you will enjoy every page because it is the story that you are hooked into. Great style, interesting story.

The novel itself is an aggregate of different stories that is craftily tied together. No flaws are made despite the wide scope included in the book. Perfectly planned, simplified and everything s in order; clean, coherent and well-explained.

The theme is how money motivates people’s mind to form irrational actions. Money is the root of all evil. In Bloodline, the need of money is the reason why the antagonist is capable in killing his own family. In reality, it can be compared to Ram-Ramona Revilla case where murder is executed because of MONEY! See the coincidence, Sydney Sheldon reflected a piece of reality in life. How cruel it was.

MONEY! People thought it was everything.

The novel didn’t imply anything to do to money, it only shows how it runs the wordly world. Everything is $ worth, everything is fixed by the money. No further justification was added along the book. It depends on the reader what action he/she will impose upon.

Bloodline has also the concept of karma. Evil always lose, and good always won. Everything is paid depending on the value of our own actions. The antagonist in the story in the end paid his actions in a
way everything he had done countered him.

What goes around comes around

What goes up must come down

What goes around comes around

What goes up must come down

It’s a good experience reading it.

Thanks to Sydney Sheldon.

I’ll pray for you

Recommended by: M. Bravo
Recommended to:Eanne Torres


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