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Shock III by Richard Matheson
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Dec 16, 2015

really liked it
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Read from October 01 to 04, 2011

This is a really good collection of stories, although some are repeated in other collections of Matheson's. I really enjoy his style - there's something about it that just grabs me, and even the mundane things interest me.

I didn't love all of the stories in this collection, but out of the lot there was only one I didn't bother to finish. I just wasn't feeling it. But when it works, it works, and this mostly did, so I can't complain. Even the story written in *shudder* verse, The Jazz Machine, while making my brain bleed due to the format, was a great story that made me really think. This section stood out to me:

'Why are the greatest jazz interpreters
Those who live beneath the constant gravity of prejudice?
I think because the scaldings of external bias
Focus all their vehemence and suffering
To a hot, explosive core
And, from this nucleus of restriction
Comes all manner of fissions, violent and slow
Breaking loose in brief expression
Of the tortures underneath
Crying for deliverance in the unbreakable code of jazz.'

I can just FEEL that, you know?

Anyway, great collection, and as usual, I highly recommend everyone to read Matheson at least once.

Horror October 2011: #3
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Reading Progress

9.0% "The Girl of My Dreams: Whew! This story was brutal! I sometimes forget how... masculine Matheson can be. This story definitely had me hooked though. I really liked it. 4 stars."
11.0% "'Tis The Season To Be Jelly: Errr... Umm, OK then. Podunk civilization after a nuclear fallout. Interesting concept, not much story. 2 stars."
23.0% "Return: I've read this story before, in "Duel" I believe and it is a good one, but I just skimmed it tonight. Time travel, loss, love, regret, unknowable known things. A good one, but I think reading it in "Duel" is better, because there's a related story in that collection. But still - 4 stars."
25.0% "The Jazz Machine: Nooo! Verse! WHY?! I HATE reading verse. Gah! EYES -- BLEEDING -- PAIN! Even so, there was one part of this one that I thought stood out and really made me think, and so I'm giving this 3 stars."
31.0% "The Disinheritors: Odd little story with an interesting twist at the end. The writing was a little clunky- telling rather than showing- but still, I was intrigued... 3 stars"
51.0% "Slaughter House: Definitely my favorite of the lot so far. I love when Matheson writes horror. It's so atmospheric and psychological and tense. Really great story - the rest of the stories in this would have to be pretty damn good to top it. 5 stars."
57.0% "Shock Wave: Kind of creepy coincidence - I started listening to Arcana and then read this story... not having any idea it was about an organ. That made for an interesting experience. LOL Anyway, another good story. The last bit is the best though and makes one think about how we can manifest things that we expect because of fear. 3 stars."
82.0% "When The Waker Sleeps: Re-read, not my favorite, but not terrible. 2 stars Witch War: Another re-read (always a risk with these collections) and good. It's dark & dirty but also feminine. 4 stars First Anniversary: Twisted, and I liked it, but would have liked a bit more resolution at the end. 3 stars. Miss Stardust: Ehh, I didn't get into this one, & didn't finish it. It just didn't grab me for some reason. 1 star"
100.0% "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet: Good story - definitely got the tension of the situation down pat... but I just couldn't help seeing the Simpson's Halloween Treehouse of Horror version in my head. LOL 4 stars"

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