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The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney
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Oct 01, 11

There was something....missing in the latter half of this book.
I felt as though we could have used without the plotline of the kidnapping of Navin and Maker. Instead, some other storyline about a conspiracy in the Order or explaining the secrecy of Donna's parents existence, Simon's dark ways, the mysterious Quentin, Xan's true nature....those would have played out quite nicely.
The Navin storyline felt too easy, like a way out of the story, when there were WAY more interesting storylines that the author could have focused on. I didn't like the way all the other subplots were neglected and unexplained, which would have made this book so so much more. All those little tidbits and mysteries that could have been expounded on seemed like such a waste to be included in the book at all, feeling like teasers that we may or may not get answers to.
I'm a sucker for an electric romance between protagonists but in this book, it was severely inadequate and underplayed. Their interactions were....wanting. So Donna and Xan were attracted to each other and shared A kiss. The End. What?! At some point I was convinced that Navin is the one destined for Donna because he got so much mention from Donna! I understand he was her BFF but come on! A little more sizzle between the freaky outcast and the hot mysterious guy wouldn't hurt.
Anyway, I'm disappointed and quite reluctant to get a copy of the second book.

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