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Sorry by Zoran Drvenkar
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Oct 01, 2011

it was ok

Kris is sitting in the park, when he spots a woman and her boyfriend arguing. He breaks up with her and leaves her crying. Kris comforts the woman and tells her all the right things to make her feel better about herself. One of the things Kris says is that even though the guy did not say it, he is sorry. Later that morning, Kris arrives at work, only to be fired. His boss attempts to apologize but does a poor job of it. After meeting up with his friends, Tamara, his brother, Wolf, and Tamara’s friend and Wolf’s ex, Frauke, Kris tells them about his encounter in the park with the woman and how he thinks that they should start up their own business. The business would be that people could hire them to do the apologizing for them. For example: a break-up, being fired from your job, etc.

Business is good until Wolf arrives at the house of his next person and finds the woman nailed to the wall. There is a nail holding her hands in place above her head and one in her forehead. As if the situation could not get any worse, the person who hired them calls and leads the four into a cat and mouse game, where there is only one winner.

I held great promise for this book. This is the type of books that I enjoy reading. Sadly, this is one of those books where it sounds better than it actually was. Though, I did think that Shaun Whiteside did a good job translating this book from German into English. I can imagine that this must not be an easy job. Ok, now onto my pros and cons of this book.


I felt like the characters were too self-absorbed about themselves. Also, they did not have much depth to them. I did not care to know about their past as I felt like I knew all I wanted to about the characters. Even the killer had a passive aggressive attitude. The crimes are violent and there is too much sex for me, even though it seemed like the sex was in just one section of the book. I felt that the sex did not fit in with the story line.


I liked the way this book was written. It read like a manuscript. The narrator read like you, the reader was the one narrating the book. To me this made the book feel more interactive as it needed it.

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